How to Style Your Transitional Wardrobe


No matter how many times this question gets asked, it still remains a mystery. There are no hard and fast rules with regard to wearing transitional clothing. The only answer is that you look good in whatever you wear.

The aim of the article was not to create more confusion over the term “transition” but to provide readers with an outline of what is commonly called a transitional wardrobe. It is nothing but your plan for keeping up with the latest trends without making unnecessary compromises on comfort or money spent on clothes, at the same time incorporating old favorites into your wardrobe all over again

The wardrobe of a trendy man must consist primarily of neutral colors such as grays and browns that can be worn together as well as separately with just about any color from white to off-white to cream, blues, greens, and blacks too. The only rule is “to not overdo it.” In other words, unlike the bold, bright non-seasonal clothes, the neutral colors are basic, but not boring.

In this article, I have tried to cover as many items from my own wardrobe as possible. Every fashion enthusiast should have a ready-to-wear solid brown dress shirt and jeans that fit perfectly well! Also, don’t forget to keep a blazer handy for those special occasions.

Let us now look at each item one by one:

1. Solid Brown Dress Shirt: This is an essential part of any man’s wardrobe as it can be worn with all kinds of pants from jeans to chinos to suit pants and also under your formal suits. If kept without being washed for long periods of time it does tend to lose its luster and can have a stale look. In such cases, wash it once every two months or so. However, do not use any bleach on these kinds of shirts as that will ruin the color of the shirt while washing.

2. Jeans: A quality pair of jeans is an integral part of your wardrobe for casual days at home and even when going out casually with friends or family members. Even if you are not a big fan of denim, dark blue jeans should always be in your closet! You can’t go wrong with dark blue jeans unless they lose their shape after some time from being washed repeatedly! Ensure that you get them stitched to fit perfectly well especially if you plan to wear them on special occasions or at work.

3. Casual Blazers: The number of blazers in your wardrobe can prove to be a great conversation starter among friends and colleagues alike! A blazer is a kind of jacket that you wear over a shirt, sweater, or even a T-shirt when going out casually. Blazer jackets are not only stylish but also make you top look more formal rather than informal! You can easily carry them off during casual events such as a night out with family and friends or even for day-to-day work purposes if you happen to stay in an environment where the smart casual dress code applies. Black-colored blazers will match well with both jeans and chinos while blue ones look good underneath formal Men Suits when worn open!

4. Grey Pants: Almost every stylish man has a pair or two of these trendy pants that can be worn with formal and casual dresses alike. Not only do they look good on you but will also provide you with an excellent alternative when your blue jeans don’t feel fresh enough to wear at times! I would personally recommend getting them stitched so that they fit perfectly well rather than spending time trying to find out which size will work best for them! Also, never keep them without washing for too long as the smell might get unbearable for others around you. Socks are optional while wearing these kinds of pants unless it is winter season. You can even wear black socks if paired up with black shoes instead of a belt if you plan to wear them in the winter months.

5. White Dress Shirt: It is also an essential part of any man’s wardrobe whether you are going on an interview or meeting someone for business purposes! A white dress shirt will always come in handy and look good when worn with formal pants such as suit pants and matching it up with a red tie! You can even pair it up with black jeans for casual events such as family gatherings or dinner parties where smart casuals apply. However, refrain from wearing one with brown pants unless it’s wartime season and your work environment happens to be more relaxed than usual.

An important factor to keep in mind about this kind of shirt is that they should be of the right size so that they fit you perfectly well! You will look odd no matter how nicely you match them up if your shirt is either too tight on your body or baggy around the waist area.

6. Black Ties: A black-tie has to be in every man’s wardrobe for special occasions such as weddings, family gatherings, and even when going out casually with friends for a night out at their favorite pub! If not worn frequently, keep them cleaned regularly after washing along with other formal shirts in order to prevent any kind of damage due to dirt accumulation over a period of time. You can even wear a white shirt underneath a black suit jacket with black pants when attending business meetings during the day! However, remember to never wear them with brown pants or shoes since it can ruin the overall elegance of your dress code.

7. Blue Jeans: The number of jeans in your wardrobe is directly proportional to how confident you are as a man! Wearing blue jeans implies that you are well known for staying in touch with current fashion trends and looking good when done so! Dark blue jeans will look the best underneath formal wear such as blazer jackets while lighter ones can be worn on casual events such as family outings, parties, etc. Ensure that they fit perfectly well especially if you plan to wear them during special occasions where smart casual dress code applies! If not, then don’t waste too much time choosing between two pairs of jeans when one fits you well.

These are some of the essentials that every man should have in their wardrobe, regardless of what kind of profession they might be in! If you are attending an interview or about to meet your boss for work purposes, ensure that all these items are properly ironed and kept ready at hand in order to avoid any last-minute panic attacks! As long as you look neat, clean, and proper without looking too casual, you will surely impress just about anyone around you by how confident you project yourself!

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