How to Turn Off Instagram Message Requests?


Although Instagram is now seen as a photo-sharing platform, it also allowed people to communicate with each other due to its innovative face. Some users actively use the direct message feature, while others use it only as a means of notifying each other about the posts they like with their friends.

Of course, the activation of the private messaging feature between users of such a platform caused the thought of closing the message requests of users who have a sense of shyness towards foreigners more dominant. So, in this article, let’s share with you how users who do not want to receive private messages from people they do not know can turn off their Instagram message requests.

Disabling Instagram Direct Message Feature

If you are uncomfortable with people, you don’t know sending you messages on Instagram, you can automatically turn off direct messages and prevent messages from users you don’t want. We did not expect the Facebook company to give more importance to user privacy and similar issues than ever before, and that it would not offer platform users the opportunity to close Instagram dm in exchange for private messaging. as you that if you read the complete care you have an idea here we provide suitable information on how to turn off Instagram message requests more ‘ever if you want to get proper information about Instagram we suggest genuine Instagram platform must visit

Thanks to the information we will provide under this heading, you can restrict users who bother you from sending messages to you instead of blocking them on Instagram.

1. Log in to your account on the phone with the Instagram application installed and head to your private message box.

2.  After logging into this section, you will be greeted with a list of people you have contacted using a direct message before.

3.  Open the chat window by clicking on the conversation with the user who is constantly harassing you by sending messages.

4.  Click on the ⓘ symbol at the top of the conversation window with the person.

5.  After clicking this symbol, you will see multiple options.

6.  By clicking the “Mute Notifications” button among these options, you can prevent notifications from appearing in your Instagram conversations with the person.

This method is one of the most used methods by many Instagram users to block messages from people they are uncomfortable with. It always gives precise results but will not prevent the person from sending you messages. As such, we have several alternative ways for users who want to completely block messages from the person.

How to Turn Off Instagram Private Messages Completely

Instagram Login, which constantly improves itself day by day and puts user security in the foreground with these developments, presents the messages sent by people who do not follow you but do not want to receive messages for your approval. Of course, it would be very accurate to say that you need to make a few settings in your account for this to be possible. You can make these adjustments by following the steps below, and as a result, incoming messages will not be forwarded to you unless you approve.

1-A message from a user who does not follow you on Instagram will be sent to the “Spam” folder in the direct message box.

2-Unless you accept the message from this person, the messages sent by the person will not go to your main message box.

3-If you want to remove any message by using the “Return” feature, simply enter the “Spam” box and open the message and click the “Return” button at the bottom.

4-This user will no longer be able to message you in any way and will not be able to disturb you.

When I Reject a Message, Does the Other Party Notify?

If you do not want to reply to a message from a user you know but do not follow, all you have to do is try the “Return” method mentioned in the previous paragraph. Of course, no matter how much users do not want to respond when they reject the message from these people, they will not want to go to the notification and break their friendship or break the person on the other side. In this regard, the feature does not convey your personal preferences to the other party and does not allow the user on the other side to understand that you have rejected the message.

Turning Off Instagram DM Feature by Leaving a Note in The Biography Section

Although there are users who do not want to use any of the methods described above, these people can not use these features and on top of that, they can produce alternative ways for themselves. When you visit the profile of some users on Instagram, make sure to “Don’t DM!” in the bio section. You have seen the note. This is one of the preferred methods on the platform, but we have no idea how effective it is. If you want to completely block messages from people, it is useful to use any of the ways described in the previous steps.

Turning off the Direct Message feature on Instagram to all users is unfortunately not a feature offered by Instagram today. For this reason, you can have an idea about whether this feature will come by following the updates in the coming days

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