How to Identify Opportunities and Threats in Business Planning?


Are you searching for some new opportunities to expand your business? Do you want to identify what kind of hazards you can face while availing yourself of some new business opportunities? If you are a businessman, then your answer to the above questions must be yes, as every entrepreneur always tries to find new opportunities and also keep an eye on the threats that their businesses can face in near future.

After the investment, business is all about opportunities. And these opportunities aren’t just limited to your home. So, if you find a suitable opportunity in Sweden, for example, hop on it. Get a business visa for Sweden and avail it. Do the same thing in the case of any other country as well. But the wise businessmen also locate the threats that their businesses might have to face. But it is not that easy to do all these things.

You cannot find a business opportunity or point out a possible threat to your business by sitting at home and relaxing in bed. You should have a keen knowledge of the changes in the market and turning trends of the market and customers. Certain businesses have a specialized team whose purpose is to search for new opportunities that can take businesses to the heights of success.

Other than locating for opportunities, these teams also perform duties in finding possible threats to the company. The job does not end there, these also suggest plans to eliminate these threats. As a start-up businessman, it might be difficult for you to hire someone for that purpose or do all these things on your own. But with proper knowledge and the right guide you can do so easily.

Following are some methods and tricks to identify new opportunities and threats in business planning.

Create a Group

First of all, you have to create a group of all the employees present in your company. If your business is dealing with more than one department, then make separate groups of the respective departments. After grouping them you have to make leaders of each group. You might think to lead by yourself. This is a good option as well, but giving the leading role to one of the employees will bring better results.

If you feel that the group made by you is too large due to the high number of employees in your company and it might be difficult for a single leader to handle it, then you should ask someone to perform the duties of the leader’s deputy. This deputy can also act as a recorder to keep records of all the activities that this group has to do for determining opportunities and threats.

Schedule a Time Table for Analysis

The next step is to schedule a time table of meetings with these groups. These meetings will be different from office or business meetings. In these meetings, you will not discuss anything about the current working frame. Your main thing must be analyzing the current situation and thinking about new business opportunities.

Make sure that you have selected a time for the analysis when all the employees or members of the respective groups are totally free. You can hold these meetings only once or twice a month  so these might not have an impact on the current working of the company.

Brainstorming and Recording

This is the last step of searching for new opportunities and finding threats. After suggesting free time for the meeting, held it in this time period. Provide all the group members with a pencil and a notebook. Then tell them the importance of doing this, and ask them to brainstorm and ponder on opportunities and threats that the company can have. Give them at least 20 to 30 minutes, and ask them to write their views in the notebook.

Make a conclusion from the suggestions of each member and if you find a solid result from them, then record it. If you find the best opportunity lies in Sweden or some other European country, then try to get a residence permit in Sweden or the country with the opportunity to avail it. 

You should also ask the group members to give suggestions for eliminating the threats and appreciate them for good suggestions.

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