Importance of Honest Astrology


The best astrologers in the world study positions of celestial bodies such as planets and are able to link them accurately to peoples’ futures. Since each person is a type of matter, energy is neither gained nor lost but simply transferred from one form to another. Using knowledge from planets and horoscopes, expert astrologers are able to find out about the past, present, and future of a person. It is a normal human tendency to be interested in life’s present and future, and it also helps avoid making mistakes during critical decisions.

Vedic Astrology- Origin and What it is    

Principles of Vedic astrology are most accurate in determining the future using complicated calculations. The basic principles of this type of astrology are used all over the world, having been passed down from sages in India to ordinary mortals. But just like every other field, an interested customer must take an honest astrologer appointment to ensure that genuine information is received. Information about them is commonly gathered through family references, though online testimonials may also be helpful. 

Vedic Astrology is the name of an ancient Indian science that is able to decipher the meanings of planetary positions. Honest astrologers will always interpret these correctly and direct individuals in the right direction without overcharging them. If you are a scorpion and wondering why some aspects of your life are unsolved, they will guide you about chiron in scorpio. While the science was originally centred only on stars, it makes use of zodiac signs also. It must be said here that though Western astrology is available as well, Vedic astrology uses mathematical calculations in a more accurate form.    

Dealing with Obstacles

As mentioned before, the curiosity to regulate actions on the basis of the future was present during ancient times as well, enabling people to handle obstacles in their lives. The top astrology websites in today’s times help separate the honest from the others. Trust is very important and most people in India have long term relationships with their family astrologers.  

An honest astrologer will never make use of sugar-coated facts just to please families and earn more money. Information given out here is backed by solid research and knowledge, thereby enabling customers to look after themselves at all times.  

The appointment with an honest astrologer, whether for personal or official reasons, is important to build trust and reliability. Such a person’s inputs are often very helpful in determining stability in a relationship. However, no astrologer in the world advocates humans to stop putting in efforts in relationships and their work; the person is only meant to show the path ahead.

Vedic Astrology and Marriages 

It is common in India to use astrological predictions for determining match compatibility for marriages. The belief in arranged marriages has been pretty strong over the years, but even the love marriages require horoscopes to be matched first. Astrologers use the principles of the Vedic science to know if there could be major marital problems or not. 

In case of marriages, one such issue is that of a Manglik person. Mangliks face plenty of discrimination in India by default, but knowledge of Vedic astrology will help get rid of misconceptions and look to find solutions instead. 

Manglik refers to influences from the planet Mars and is known to create unfavourable conditions for marriage. Tensions, discomfort, and separations are often expected from such matches. Mars can create problems by entering into 1st, 2nd, and 7th houses of the affected person. Some remedies for this are as follows:

  1. Donating clothes to a few workers engaged in work with sharp iron materials
  2. Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa at least once a day
  3. Getting married to a Manglik person only
  4. Chanting Gayatri Mantra 108 times a day

Marriage is Not the Only Concern

There is no doubt that marriage is very important in a person’s life, but it’s definitely not the only issue. Concerns with business, jobs, and health would also require inputs. An honest astrologer will closely analyze the individual’s birth chart to know how planets will enter into different houses, to know life’s positive and negative influences. 

Being Updated About Vedic Astrology 

Even though a lot of progress has taken place in the field of Vedic astrology, it still needs to be updated with time. Continuous research is important due to the dynamic nature of the Universe. Here are some of the reasons for updates:

  1. Good and bad and have been interpreted differently over time. Taking the simple example of going abroad for studies, it was considered bad due to brain drain and other reasons. Instead, it has become a way of better life for many students around the world these days.
  2. Important Vedic astrology concepts are likely to lose their actual definitions with time, and even more so after India was invaded and many scriptures were destroyed. Recreation of these scriptures could have caused changes.    

There is no harm in individuals questioning astrological logic from time to time; trust should never be based on blind faith. 

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