Integrating the Group Chat Feature in Your Chat Solution


Group chats go hand in hand with messaging services. Messaging a group of people in one shot allows users to save a lot of time. 63% of US adults utilize the group chat feature in messaging apps.  

When it comes to businesses, group conversations through text, voice, and video are nothing new. Many companies use group conversations to conduct online conferences and team meetings to share information, delegate tasks, and track progress.  

In fact, 58% of businesses conduct video conferences as a part of their daily operations. The usage has only increased with the new work-from-home routine.  

But most of these businesses and companies use third-party platforms for organizing group chats and team meetings. Instead, designing and installing a group chat solution in your business’s mobile app can help in streamlining the workflow and increase the team’s productivity.

How to Build a Group Chat

Chat app SDK and APIs are the only way through which you can add a group chat feature to your mobile app. 

But before doing so, you must add a chatting solution and create an interface in your app. By using the same SDKs and APIs developed by the operating system’s developers, you can add a chat service to your mobile app.   

Each OS has its own Software Development Kit that developers use to design apps. For adding a group chat option to your mobile app, you will need to use an iOS chat SDK and an Android SDK, as these two are the most dominant platforms in the market. Together, Android and iOS constitute over 99% of the global market share.  

Many open-source chat SDK platforms provide pre-built customizable codes that your business developer can use to design a group chat feature.   

While the lines of codes are different for Android and iOS, the basic features that you can provide in your group chat interface are the same.  

  • Allow admins to add and remove users from a group 
  • Allow users to leave a group 
  • Add specific roles to members in a group 
  • Mute or unmute any group  
  • Receive notifications and real-time updates on the group activity. This includes updates on:
  • New group creation
  • Any user leaving a group
  • Any user removed from a group
  • Group deletion
  • Change in group name, icon, and description  

Apart from these basic features, there are certain other features that you can add to your mobile app’s group chat interface.  

  • Categorize group conversations under one common category. This feature can be beneficial when you group various chats that are part of the same project. For instance, you can assemble the design group, marketing group, and data security group and put them under the project that they are collectively working on.   
  • Context-based chat, wherein the group is created and dedicated to one conversational topic alone.  

Different Types of Groups 

There are different types of groups as well, each having its own purpose.  

  • Private Group – These chats are private and not accessible to the people outside the group. 
  • Public Group – Any user can search and join the group. 
  • Broadcast Group – Allows the sender to send messages to a group of people in a one-to-one manner. Only the sender will be able to see the group.  
  • Open Group – Used for free-flowing conversations to take place. 
  • Group of Two – Used for context-based chats. 
  • Contacts Group – Creates a contact group using the ‘Favorites’ list. 
  • Support Group – Exclusively used for customer support. 

Which Industry Can Use Group Chats? 

Almost all industries and businesses can incorporate the group chat feature in their chatting solution.  

  • Commercial businesses can use group chatting apps (anchor text) to explain their products to more people or solve common customer queries at once.  
  • Healthcare companies can spread awareness on open groups, create community groups using public groups, and provide consultancy through the group of two.  
  • Gaming industries can create online forums for discussions, groups for releasing new features and also allow teams to create their own groups.  
  • Education providers can also use the group chat feature to add a class of students in one group for more streamlined communication.   


The applications of group-based conversations are vast. Any business can integrate the group chat feature in their mobile app to create a complete conversational stream for all users.  Doing so with the help of the best chat SDK can make your group chat interface more user-friendly and personalized.  

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