How Long Does it Take to Complete Knee Surgery


A lot of people are interested in knowing how long knee surgery will take. The reason behind this is mostly the pain caused by the injury. One can get an idea of how long it will take depending on the type of damage suffered. Knee replacement surgery has been around for quite some time and has assisted in relieving joint pain and allowing people to continue doing their favourite things.

The procedure itself has greatly changed over the years, and many wonder what it consists of. Here we will take a look at the process and how long it takes for its completion. 

What is Knee Surgery? 

Knee surgery is a procedure that repairs or replaces a painful or damaged joint. People who either face difficulty in knee movement or have arthritis opt for this treatment. In arthritis, the knee cartilage is damaged or torn up, making the surface of the knee eroded and pitted. 

There are two significant types of knee surgery: partial and total knee replacement. The following are the two main categories where knee surgeries come into the picture. You can get an idea if you know how long knee surgeries for each type of damage take.

Types of Joint Replacement Surgery 

Knee replacement surgery: What you need to know

1. Firstly, Partial Knee Replacement: this type of surgery is quite complex and can be very long. The surgery goes into the damaged parts of the knee and replaces the damaged parts with artificial ones. 

2. Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure where the damaged cartilage and bone of the knee joint is removed and replaced with a prosthetic implant.

How Is The Knee Replacement Performed?

In knee replacement surgery, the first step is to get to the hospital. After that, the doctor will examine your total condition by performing various tests and physical exams. These exams help in understanding if your body is ready for such surgery or not. If not, they find the solution to carry forward the process. 

After all the tests and preparation, you are finally ready for the surgery. The orthopaedic doctor in Kota gives your knee surgery anaesthesia to make the region numb. 

The surgeon cuts the knee and moves the patella (kneecap) to the side to begin the process of replacement. Further, the doctor removes the damaged cartilage from the upper part of the tibia and the lower part of the femur, depending the damage. 

In some cases, the doctor also removes the kneecap if it is damaged. So, they replace the knee cap with some polyethene implant. 

How Long Does a Knee Implant Takes? 

Knee Replacement Duration

Knee surgery is one of the more common procedures in today’s time. This surgery can replace the cartilage in your knee with an implant. A surgeon typically performs the procedure, and it usually takes around two hours to complete. On the other hand, the surgery also improves the symptoms of arthritis. It is not a cure for knee arthritis, but it can help to slow or stop the signs.

Where to Get The Best Knee Surgery in India?

The hospital and the doctor you choose must be the best in what they do when it comes to knee replacement. Not only do your success rate depends on their expertise, but it also minimizes future health risks. 

Where to Get The Best knee Transplant Surgery in India?

That’s why here we recommend you the best hospital to get your knee surgery done- Chanddni Hospital.

Chanddni hospital is one of the leading center for knee-related problems its treatment. Dr. SN Soni leads the hospital. Meanwhile, with experience of more than 30 years in the field of orthopaedics, Dr. Soni is the most reliable doctor for knee surgery in India. 

Reasons to choose Chanddni Hospital for Joint Replacement? 

  1. Qualified and well-trained nursing staff
  2. Highly equipped Physiotherapy department 
  3. Trauma ICU for Management of Critically Injured Patient 
  4. Special deluxe rooms for ultimate care of patients 


Knee surgery is a highly specialized procedure to replace a damaged knee with a healthy one. One must make sure that they choose the best hospital and expert surgeons to bring out the treatment. At Chanddni hospital, you will be getting the best care and treatment to get back on your knees like before. 

Visit the website of Chanddni Hospital to learn more about the treatments in India. 

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