Know About the Different Synthetic Wood Standee


There are many different kinds of wood standee to choose from. Some are synthetic, and others are natural. These are all great options for displaying gift ornaments! Whether you want to make a wood standee using a template or by hand, there are several things you’ll need to get started. In this post, we mentioned the materials of a wood standee that you can get from the Vograce store.

Wood standee

A wood standee is a fancy name for a carved piece of wood. These are often used as a centerpiece for parties or in other similar spaces where a little something special is called for. The best part is that you can order them online with your design.

Synthetic cherry wood

Cherry wood is a durable and beautiful material that can be used for many different types of furniture. It is also known for its rich color and smooth grain.

This hardwood comes from a deciduous tree called the black cherry or prunus serotina. Like all woods, cherry will naturally darken with exposure to light over time. This is a normal process that the right finishing methods can slow down, but it will still occur eventually.

Real cherry has natural markings from gum streaking and mineral deposits, which add to the overall look of the wood. On the other hand, fake cherry is typically made from cheaper wood that has been bleached and texturized before being sprayed with a cherry stain. So that is why the standee made with cherry wood is durable.

Synthetic Brazilian rosewood

Today’s standee uses several synthetic rosewood alternatives. Most of these combine wood dyed or impregnated with resin to create a rosewood-like color. Still, they can only partially replicate the look and feel of natural rosewood.

The most well-known of these is the East Indian rosewood, grown in tropical monsoon forests in southeast India and is more easily sourced than Brazilian rosewood. In addition to its sparkling sound, and different places, rosewood is a very versatile tonewood. It can be used for fingerpicking, Flatpicking, and strumming.

It is also a great alternative for players with a very light hand, as it is less likely to crack when they pull their hands apart while playing. Nevertheless, it is still best to use genuine rosewood in any standee.

Synthetic Ashwood

Ashwood is a popular wood species that are easy to work with and relatively affordable. This makes it a good choice for various woodworking projects, and it is one of the most durable options in the hardwood category.

Suppose you’re a DIYer or professional craftsman who likes using wood stain and varnish on their workpieces. In that case, Ashwood is a great option for you to consider. This wood type is easy to work with and can be treated with a number of different kinds of stain. Vograce makes their standees from synthetic Ashwood will surely impress you.

Moreover, this wood type is fairly dense and has no moisture. This is a great feature if you’re using a standee outdoors or as part of a shed.

The tensile strength of Ashwood is also quite high, and it’s one of the lightest of all the wood species you can find in the solid hardwood category. This makes it a perfect choice for furniture creation and wood standee.

Synthetic whitewood

Synthetic whitewood is a relatively new product made from recycled wood designed to mimic real hardwood’s look. The wood is cut from pine trees that have been kiln-dried to a high moisture content to improve the strength and stability of the finished product.

The standee is made using this environmentally friendly and cost-effective process. In addition to being a novelty, synthetic white wood is an eco-friendly alternative to real pine lumber that can save you money in the long run.

It is also an aesthetically pleasing and functional wood that can be used in many ways. It is especially popular for furniture making as it is the perfect blend of strength and durability. In particular, the material is renowned for its excellent acoustic properties. For this reason, it is frequently found in constructing pianos and other musical instruments. It is also a great choice for outdoor use as it is weather resistant. 

Synthetic basswood

Basswood is a common type of wood used to make wood standees. It has a fine, uniform texture with a moderate luster grain and is easy to work and machine. It is soft and light and has excellent dimensional stability when dry. It can be easily stained or sanded to a beautiful finish.

Why get wood standee?

Large, self-standing displays can be cut into unique shapes or sizes to add dimensional interest and draw attention. They are becoming increasingly popular for point-of-sale advertising. They also work well as promotional items for parties, graduations, holiday celebrations, etc.

Creating your own wood standee is easy, and the finished product will look great at an event or on display. 

Final Words 

If you’re a crafty DIYer, you should know about the different types of wooden pins. You can use them as an ornament or display a message. You can also engrave them to make them more personal and unique. You can choose the sizes and quantity of these standees. You can order from a minimum of 6 standees. If you order for a large company, you can order 5000 plus standees. Only vograce can make this kind of large order for you due to their experience in this field. They can provide you with single and double side printing. 

To create your own wooden standee, select a piece of wood that’s large enough to hold the desired image. You can buy from a vograce, order with them, and create your own design using free online tools. You can also paint the wood to match your engraved design. When they work with wood, you need to secure your parts firmly. The standees that you order from them are durable. They also provided many customers with their desired standees.

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