The lawn is the backdrop for the landscape design of the entire site. If a couple of dry branches on trees or shrubs, faded plants in a flower garden are not immediately striking, then an unkempt grass cover is immediately noticeable. Lawn service and maintenance in the country is necessary if you want your site to be beautiful and not look like an abandoned wasteland.

Lawn care prices

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep the grass cover in perfect condition, buying special equipment. Mowing the lawn, trimming the edges, and then harvesting the grass can take all day. Professional lawn maintenance by specialists will save you time.

The cost of work will depend on:

  • area;
  • the nature of the site on which it is located (it is much more difficult to care for the grass covering located on the slope);
  • the type of lawn (parterre needs more frequent mowing, for the usual one requires a minimum of maintenance);
  • mixtures of lawn grasses that form the grass cover.

The total amount may differ from the indicated average estimates, because it is formed after inspecting the site, taking into account the need for additional work.

Lawn care cost per sq. m. is twenty.

What work is being done

This is the most capricious element of the site decor. It is necessary to take care of him all year round. The slightest errors immediately become noticeable: weeds appear, the grass dries up, ugly brown bald spots appear. Unless in winter, while the grass is under a layer of snow, this element of the landscape does not require close attention. But with the beginning of spring, it is necessary to resume work.

Lawn care in spring

During this period, work is being carried out to help restore the coating after winter, to prevent the appearance of weeds. It starts right after the snow melts. If in shady areas the snow doesn’t melt for a long time and has formed a dense crust, it must be removed.

Work begins as soon as the grass and soil dry out a little. In the spring you need:

  • Combining the lawn from debris, foliage, dried grass. This will improve growth, give access to air and light.
  • Aeration – deep rolling of the soil with a special tool. Punctures are made every 15 cm to improve air circulation. It is required if the soil has caked during the winter, as well as before feeding the lawn.
  • Fertilization to improve grass growth.
  • Sowing of lawn grasses is required if the cover has thinned.
  • Pest control – not only against plants, but also against insects and rodents. This must be done in the spring, otherwise moles and shrews can dig and destroy the lawn by summer.
  • Trimming the lawn edge to form a smooth border between it and other elements of the site.
  • The first cut is done in mid-spring, when the grass reaches 10-12 cm in height.

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Summer works

At this time, the grass cover requires minimal maintenance. Mandatory work – regular mowing (once every 1-2 weeks) and watering the lawn. If thinning areas are visible, repairs need to be made.

Lawn care in autumn and preparation for winter

Before the onset of cold weather, it is not worth cutting the grass in order to prevent the roots from freezing. The last haircut of the season is carried out around the end of September, when the average daily air temperature drops to 10 degrees.

In the fall, you need to do:

  1. Scarification? an incision of the upper layer of the soil and its loosening. It helps to improve growth, make grass bushes more voluminous. The more grass remains on the site before the snow falls, the less the risk of freezing.
  2. Top dressing to prepare plants for wintering.
  3. Garbage cleaning? fallen leaves, stones, weeds. Under a layer of snow, they will begin to rot, as a result, damaged areas will form on the grass cover.

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Our advantages

In the landscape workshop “Veresk” in St. Petersburg, you can order a range of services to maintain the site in perfect condition.

We offer:

  1. Individual selection of the list of works based on a thorough inspection and survey of the territory.
  2. Affordable rates for lawn care, bonuses for regular customers.
  3. Departure of specialists at a time strictly agreed with the customer.
  4. Using our technique? the client does not have to buy their equipment or spend on rent.
  5. The whole range of work, from combing the lawn to the overhaul of the turf.

Do you want your lawn to be flawless, pleasing with softness and emerald tints? Leave a request: our specialists will promptly contact you to develop the most effective tactics for caring for the site.

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