Learn How to Go Viral: Best YouTube Thumbnails Examples


Just twenty years ago, the word viral wasn’t a part of our vocabulary to refer to entertainment content. Now, everybody knows what the term “going viral” means. Businesses even seek to go viral, as the internet can bring in customers like no other piece of technology before it.

However, going viral isn’t as easy as it seems. Most videos that go viral don’t do so on purpose. If you want to replicate that lightning in a bottle experience of a viral video, you’re going to have to put in a lot of effort. Read more about Titanium Backup Pro Apk.

The most popular viral videos have the best YouTube thumbnails. This article will walk you through some YouTube thumbnail practices and teach you the best way to create YouTube thumbnails for your viral video.

A Funny Picture of Yourself

When people head to YouTube, they’re accustomed to seeing attractive people showing off their faces in their thumbnails. YouTube these days has a celebrity culture similar to Hollywood.

However, you can subvert people’s expectations by capturing a picture of yourself in the middle of a humorous action or taken from a strange angle.

This sets expectations for the video and gets people ready to experience your unique content.

Using Text

These days, a thumbnail isn’t just about images, it’s also a place to deliver more text content. If you can make use of a great font, you can communicate something beyond images and words by putting them over the same image.

To do this, however, you’re going to need some technical know-how. You don’t need to go looking for some obscure tech company, however. A company as big as adobe has everything you need to create a great YouTube custom thumbnail.

This is the first step to truly treating thumbnail creation as an art.

Incorporating a Color Scheme

Make use of color theory and create a monochrome, duo-chrome, or trichrome thumbnail image that attracts people’s eyes. While analogous styles are nice, we recommend going for a complementary style, which works well with the modernist imagery of the internet.

These work especially well over particularly stylized pictures of yourself, or iconic pictures of pop-cultural figures. The best way to learn how to gain views and subscribers is by learning from the pros. Here are the best YouTube thumbnails to study. The idea is to turn your thumbnail into a jumping-off point for a whole creative world you can pull viewers into.

Make use of this sort of thumbnail if your content is informational and educational, but you still want it to go viral.

Create the Best YouTube Thumbnails

As you can see, video content itself isn’t all that’s important in the world of YouTube. Your video thumbnail shows the world just what your video is about in visual terms, which can be much more powerful than words if used correctly.

By following the above tips, you can create the best YouTube thumbnails, and attract more customers to your videos.

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