Looking for the Best Chandelier to Light Your Home?


Most people traditionally choose to hang chandeliers over their dining tables, foyers, or entranceways. However, it is worth taking into account any location where you have enough ceiling height for your chandelier and believe it would look nice.

If your bedroom has a raised ceiling, that space could also be used. Chandeliers come in a wide variety of styles that complement practically any interior design scheme, from postmodern to mediaeval.

A Sofary round gold chandelier may carry as much class like any other chandelier, but with a contemporary impact that can increase its style and versatility. It is an example of inventive elegance and simple sophistication in a lighting fixture.

Consider the following while selecting the best Chandelier for your home.

  1. How large your chandelier should be?

A chandelier needs to be the right size for your space. An 18″ to 24″ chandelier may be suitable for a dining room that is 12′ X 12′ in size.

You might choose one that is 2 or perhaps 3 feet across in an entry hall with a very high ceiling and no furnishings.

  • Will it need any special support?

Most chandeliers can be heavier than many other types of lighting, and crystal chandeliers can be especially bulky.

You must install a separate electrical box if the desired chandelier weighs more than 15 pounds, exactly as you would if you were installing a ceiling fan.

  • How far down you should hang it?

You want your chandelier to be high enough to be out of the way yet low enough to provide sufficient lighting. It indicates that the lowest point of it should not be hung any lower than 7′ above the ground if people will be walking underneath it.

It might be 10′ or higher overhead in a tall foyer. Most people find keeping the bottom of the chandelier between 30″ and 36″ above the table to be a comfortable height if you are hanging it over your dining table.

  • What are with crystals on chandeliers?

In the past, only glass materials were utilized to create crystals. Today, however, you will find that these crystals are made of lead and both reflect light to create a brilliant lighting.

How often should you clean your crystal chandelier?

As part of your regular cleaning schedule, crystal chandeliers need to be dusted at least once every week. When it is time to dust, start with the chandelier so that any loose dust falls to the ground so that you can vacuum it up.

The precise position of your crystal chandelier will enable you to determine how frequently it requires more than a simple dusting.

Your chandeliers will require more frequent cleaning if you have them put in a kitchen or bathroom since they can easily accumulate oil or spray-on body care products that attract additional dust. High humidity environment also make dust on chandeliers stick to them more quickly.

To keep them gleaming, most crystal chandeliers should be carefully cleaned twice a year or at least once per season.

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