Make Your First Escape Game a Memorable One by Choosing the Right Genre


If you and your friends are bored at home on a weekend with no plans, you can try booking an escape room adventure game. It will not only drive your boredom away, but also help improve your skills. Escape games, if you have seen have different genres, and choosing the right genre proves to be crucial in bringing excitement to the game.

Setting Your Budget and Theme

Different escape room games depending on their popularity and difficulty level will be priced differently. If you are a beginner, you might want to choose games that have simple clues and end early. This will cost you less when compared to complex games.

If you have just shifted to Columbus, Ohio, you can search for escape rooms near me and choose popular escape rooms such as Captivating World, located in New Albany, OH. They have escape room games for all age groups. All their escape games are only for private groups so you can be ensured about the safety of you and your loved ones.

Next comes choosing the right theme. If you and your friends like solving crimes or murder mysteries, you need to book for similar themes. In this way, it will keep you interested and motivated to pull through the escape room game. You can even opt for multiple escape room games if you love a different genre.

The main objective of escape room games is to have fun. You need to go in with that mindset. Whether you win or lose is not mandatory. Learn to listen to others and see what brilliant ideas each of them comes up with to escape the room. There is no right or wrong in such games. The motive is to escape the room and sometimes logic does not apply here.

Plan in Advance for Large Groups

If you have a large group planning to visit escape rooms, you might need to reserve in advance. Many escape rooms need to ensure that reserve the slots and make the necessary arrangements to accommodate your requirements.

Another important factor that you need to consider before you finalize your escape room is the venue. Some factors that you might want to take into consideration while choosing the venue include:

  • Do you want the games to be within city limits or outskirts?
  • Choose escape room venues that are accessible to amenities such as washrooms and restaurants
  • Enquire with the escape room people on parking space availability
  • Check the flexibility with the escape room people, whether quick changes or modifications can be made after reservations
  • Check for wheelchair accessibility if you have people who might require such services

Some useful tips that can make your escape room games memorable include:

  • Ensure that all your team members are engaged in the game
  • If you have new people in the group, get acquainted with them and share your ideas
  • Learn about the game that you are playing
  • Listen to the instructor on how things work which can prove to be useful in the game
  • Arrive on time, so that you have ample time to finish the game


Escape room games are fun. By observing the above tips, you are sure to have a wonderful and thrilling time with your loved ones.

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