Modern font: what does it mean in 2021?


This Modern font was born in the 18th century when paper quality started increasing due to innovations in new printing technologies. People who lived in the 1800s used this name modern to denote the fonts with contrasting strokes, vertical lettering, thin horizontal serifs. The modern fonts are also known as Didone or modern serif font. The main reason for creating these fonts is to replace the old organic fonts already in use. Many people think that Modern fonts mean the latest fonts. Still, it refers to the oldest typeface, which are ancestors of today’s digital fonts.

Modern fonts identifications

By seeing some features, we can find the Modern typeface that features are

  • Vertical stress on every letter
  • The dramatic difference between thick and thin strokes
  • Flat, thin, horizontal serifs on lower case letters

These are features of traditional, modern fonts that people of the 80’s use for their business articles and even for other purposes.

Modern fonts in 2021

The modern fonts of 2021 are beyond the limits of 18th-century Modern fonts. Designers of 2021 are the main reason for this typographical revolution to add new time features to the classic fonts. Most of the fonts in 2021 are sans serif, which means they don’t have any small-edged lines at the tips and ends of the letters. These new 2021 modern fonts can have font styles, like geometric, futuristic, abstract, or urban fonts.

Some famous top leading industries use Modern fonts in their logo to make them more attractive and different. These modern fonts are more engaging while comparing with other font styles. Online industries can use Sans serif fonts due to their shape, and they are more attractive in digital than in paper.

Uses of Modern fonts

Modern fonts are used more online than other fonts because of their shapes and clear appearance. Industries with innovative and creative needs like technology, cryptocurrency, Design, Consulting, and architecture-based companies can use this Modern typeface font. Brand identity is an essential requirement for a futuristic and creative online business. For creating that brand identity, we can use these modern fonts to develop a perfect platform.

Modern serif fonts are the only choice for brands that print on paper. They are more engaging in printed form and easy for logo designing and font pairing.

Best Modern fonts

Modern fonts have two types as per their styles: Modern serif fonts and contemporary sans serif fonts. The Modern serif fonts are old classic ones with small apertures, contrasting strokes, vertical lettering, and horizontal serifs. These fonts are suitable for authoritative, modern, luxurious brands.

The Sans serif modern fonts are the new world Modern fonts of 2021. These fonts are suitable for creative industries and brands that work with modern-day complex problem-solving.

Future of Modern fonts

In this world, every single thing has its time, likewise for modern fonts. It started its journey in the ’80s and had major upgrades as years passed. Similarly, the style of the Modern fonts and their rules and restrictions will change as per the future needs in the name of contemporary fonts.

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