Most Common Floor Stripping Mistakes to Avoid


Floor stripping is an extensive and time consuming task. It involves the removal of old wax, debris and soil from the floor. Even though it is a professional task and a well-trained team is assigned the job, there is still room for mistakes. 

However, there are a lot of mistakes that can be avoided, if you choose the right team for this job. There are several floor stripping professionals available these days, like Rapid Stripped and many more. Choosing the right people for the task is one of the keys to obtain a 100% satisfying outcome. 

On the other hand, understanding the mistakes that can occur during the procedure is also very important. It helps you control them and manage them accordingly. 

Floor Stripping Mistakes to Avoid 

So what mistakes usually happen during floor stripping? Can they be controlled? Yes, they can be avoided, by all means. Let’s scroll through them together. 

  1. Not understanding the Floor Type:

Not understanding the type of floor that requires striupping is a mistake that costs largerly, in the long run. Your floor type determines the equipment and chemicals that have to be used for stripping. The wrong determination can result in a poor outcome. If you know your floor type, it is best to communicate it with the team beforehand, so that there remains no room for mistakes. 

  1. Not Upgrading to Latest Tools:

Lack of proper and latest tools can have a huge impact on stripping the floor. It can take more time and the entire process slows down. This is the major reason due to which, some of the best companies, upgrade their tools regularly to ensure that the task is managed on time. 

  1. Using Soiled Mops:

Never let your team use soiled mops and buckets on the floor. They are damaging to the process. Only clean equipment must be used for floor stripping. Although the pros know it well, sometimes, this can happen due to lack of attention. Thus, staying aware of this fact can save you the trouble. 

  1. Improper Dilution of Stripper:

Diluting the stripper properly is one of the key factors for floor stripping. The dilution is usually done in cold water. Choosing the wrong team can result in poor dilution too. Thus, you need to make sure that you are investing in a reliable and experienced floor stripping service. Lack of proper and latest tools can have a huge impact on stripping the floor. It can take more time and the entire process slows down. This is the major reason  

  1. Working on very Large Areas:

Floor stripping is always section-wise, which is a key reason why it takes up so much time. If the team starts stripping the floor, in a large area, all at once; know that it isn’t being done right. It is important to section of the floor and then work area by area. 


Many mistakes can be avoided by simply choosing a professional, trained and experienced team for floor stripping. Invest some time in looking up for the right services and choose wisely to ensure that the procedure is carried out professionally. 

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