New Orleans Roofing: Ideas for Creating an Eco-Friendly Roof


A roof is important since it protects our home and it should be sturdy enough to stand any elements outside. Eco-friendly roof coating in New Orleans has been one way of making your roof stand any storm and heat that comes over the years. As a homeowner, it will be wise to protect your investment by getting an eco-friendly roof coating for your roof. 

How Do You Make a Roof Environmentally Friendly in New Orleans?

There are several ways to make your roofing eco-friendly and here are some recommended ideas:

Know of they have Recycled Content

Roofs that contain recycled content can be better. The higher percentage the better although durability is not assured, the recycled material can still be possibly recycled once the roof wore out.  

Check on the Content of the Coating 

Since you are aiming for eco-friendly roofing you should avoid content that can be harmful to the environment. For instance, zinc-coated roofs and copper-coated roofs can be toxic to water resources and aquatic life when washed off from the roofings. 

Give your Roof the maintenance it needs

Regularly maintaining your roof can increase its durability and longevity in battling elements like storms or extreme heat from the sun. Using cleaning materials that don’t contain toxic material can also be a big factor in preserving your roof. Hiring a professional to do the coating for your roof is the best choice since they know what materials to use and they have the proper equipment in taking care of your roof. 

Roof Weight

Heavy roofs can be good however your home structure would also be durable enough to hold the weight of your roof. Always make sure that during construction the proportion of your home structure and roof is balanced. 

Check on the Slope of your Roof

The angle and sloping of your roof can affect its durability since there will be a part that the sun strikes the most. That’s why proper roof coating is needed to be able to preserve the durability and structure of your roof. Coating them with the right material can help it in balloting the heat and oldest from natural elements. 


Get a roof with a longer warranty so you can maximize your investment and a longer warranty means the installer is confident that the roof materials can last longer. Roofs should last longer since they are the ones protecting the whole house, once there are damages it can cause inconveniences to all. Plus frequent repairs can make your roof weaker. 

Choose a Good Roof Service

Choosing the right one to take care of your roof can play a big factor in keeping the durability of your roof. They are professional and have the right skills and proper equipment so they know best for your roofing. Choose one that is in New Orleans since it will be more convenient and accessible for you just in case you need their services again.

What Color of Roof is Most Energy-Efficient? 

Colors play an important role in making your roof last longer. That’s why choosing the right coating and the right people to coat your roof is essential too. The best color choice for your roof is the colors white, light gray, and light tan. These colors reflect the most sunlight and make your roof cooler. This is ideal for New Orleans since the heat of the sun is high and during winter it makes the snow melt faster. So they can be advantageous during hot or cold weather. Choose the right color and ask for recommendations from your roof service so they can give the best options since each location and type of roofing requires different ways of maximizing its potential to become more durable. 

Now that you have an idea on New Orleans Roofing: Ideas for creating an eco-friendly roof, you can start planning how to protect your present roof from deteriorating fast. The roof of your house protects your entire home so it is wise to invest in making them sturdy and long-lasting. Deal with the right professionals when it comes to maintenance of your roofing and if you are still planning on building your home then start right by availing of their service for you to have a better foundation for your roof.

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