Non-Invasive Treatments: Evolution of Cosmetic Industry


The non-invasive body contour treatments are receiving a lot of attention, primarily due to their advanced and accessible methods in place. As a result, the demand has surged with an influx of local and international clients choosing Dubai cosmetic industry for the treatment. These cosmetic treatments are driven by customer’s desire, thereby urging them to find easier and convenient methods to upgrade the treatment processes.

However, when going for a cosmetic procedure, a common question that we all come up with is: what is the right treatment for us? And finding this right one is definitely not an easy task, even after undergoing a thorough research.

In fact, there is a catch, that most treatments do not work like light-switch. This means that it can take up to five-six weeks to show complete results, like liposuction in Dubai. Sometimes, one also has to undergo a few more sessions before the results completely show up. Therefore, a consultation with your doctor is very important before choosing and undergoing a treatment.

These experts can understand your skin type, elasticity, physical and lifestyle factors to choose the right one. Here is a look at some of them in detail:

CoolSculpting: Temperature-based Fat-reduction Treatment

Most of us have heard of the CoolSculpting fat elimination process. It was the first FDA-approved, non-invasive treatments to hit the market and deploys the use of controlled cooling to permanently freeze fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise, like on the inner thighs, upper arms, and stomach.

The final results materialize after about three months as the frozen cells die and the body eliminates them naturally. A huge bonus of this treatment is that new cells aren’t able to take their place, making it a fairly permanent solution.

SkinTyte and TriPollar: Skin Tightening Treatments

It is commonly witnessed that, as we age, our bodies lose the laxity and give a droopy look. This is commonly visible on the neck, leg and loose upper arms. However, with the prevalent skin tightening mechanisms, such as radio frequency and ultrasound technologies, the skin is provided with a new level of collagen that works to tighten the skin.

With the aid of skin tightening mechanisms, people are able to get back their skin elasticity. Treatments like SkinTyte and TriPollar provide an add-on benefit on contouring the treated body parts, by eliminating the fat bulges.

Even those women, who are experiencing extensive weight loss, stretch marks or even skin laxity as a post-pregnancy result, can become a suitable candidate for this.

Emsculpt: Muscle Enhancement Treatments

There is a large chunk of our society, who have joined gyms and fitness centres to achieve the right muscular look. However, it requires them to undergo an equivalent of a few thousands of sit-ups and even more of the exercising hours to strengthen the body’s muscular structure.

Even when a person is willing to go through the entire exertion process, some simply do not have the time to do so, a strict 9-5 work-routine, being a profound reason behind.

However, the cosmetic treatments like Enscuplt has made it a pretty easy process. Instead of going through extensive training sessions, one can opt for a secondary route too. The muscle enhancement treatments are a viable option for that. It can eliminate the stubborn bulges of fat and also increase the abdominal density too.

Dimples and Underlying Fat: Injectable for Cellulite

Cellulites are a build-up of fat deposits beneath the skin. And these tend to show up more among the women instead of men. This is largely due to the difference between fat types, muscles, and connective tissue distributions. However, the presence of cellulite is caused by fluctuations in hormones, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, weight gain, and even inactivity.

While incorporating the use of topical treatments can show mixed results, one needs to continue using them for improved productivity. They can only work to show temporary results. However, cellulite-directed treatments are growing and better able to improve the appearance of bumps and dimpling. These cosmetic treatments have no downtime and are highly customizable to adjust to the specific needs of the customers.

More so, Velashape 3 is a recognized method of reducing the cellulite appearance and thigh circumference. During the treatment, it is able to increase a patient’s comfort levels, enable precise treatment, and monitor elevated temperature of tissues for enhanced results.

Non-invasive, Yet Promising Methods

Body contour treatments are here to last longer. In fact, it can rightly conclude that their demand will increase with time. Along the way, one should exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and live a healthy lifestyle. Along with that, make sure to incorporate your doctor’s consultation with choosing the non-invasive treatment.

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