Which is the best Free Online Classes for Class 11 CBSE?


Free online classes for class 11 CBSE are provided by various portals for grades 11th and 12th. These standards are important in a lot of ways and should be studied with proper concentration and hard work. Vidya Setu’s online classes for class 11 CBSE is best for students looking for free and best online classes for class 11 CBSE.

If a right 11th class online lecture is chosen then there is not much difference left between the physical school or virtual school on online class for class 11 CBSE. The online classes for class 11 CBSE help students cope up with their studies which they would otherwise not be able to without the ongoing pandemic. 

CBSE class 11 online classes have many advantages over other ways of teaching as it is absolutely safe and does not have to step out of their house at all. The online classes can be of great help to those students as well who are not going to school due to lack of finance can take these online classes to gain knowledge. 

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Types of Online classes for class 11 CBSE-

  1. Paid online classes
  2. Youtube Video Lectures
  3. Private online coaching for class 11 CBSE.
  4. Pen drive courses
  5. Online courses on websites
online classes

Difference Between Various Online classes 

As seen there are various numerous ways to study online classes for class 11 CBSE, it also gets confusing to figure out the best from the lot. The paid CBSE class 11 online classes are expensive and at the same time are very resourceful whereas private online coaching for class 11 CBSE. are expensive but not good for growth as there are no new opportunities provided there. 

The pen drive course does not have any after services like problem solving, revision or cbse class 11 online tests. 

In such a situation online video lectures for class 11 CBSE provided by Vidya Setu are best as they are absolutely free of cost and at the same time are very resourceful. 

FACTORSYouTube Online Video lecturesOnline Paid ClassesPendrive CoursesPrivate Tuition
FacultyExperienced faculty and knows the weakness and strength of students.Majorly freshers are offered a job to reduce the tuition cost.Not sure of a teachers degree as there are no direct interactions to the tutor.Tutors are experienced and provide individual attention. 
Quality of classesThe classes are in HD quality with clear audio. The Quality of classes are satisfactory.The Quality of classes are not maintained and can not really be trustedThe classes are majorly conducted on zoom and can be disconnected due to the network. 
AccessibilityAccessible to all without any requirement of registration and can be downloaded as well.The classes are available only to those who have given the fees and have registered themselves. The entire course is provided in a pendrive and hence is not available to all. Private tuitions are also only available to those who have paid the fees and joined their class. 
Mode of teachingOnline OnlineOnlineonline coaching for class 11 CBSE.
Problem solvingProblem solving is available . You basically ask questions to the bot and then are answered by teachers after 3-4 days. No problem solving is available Problem solving is available .
Device FriendlyYes, it is device friendly and can be watched on mobile, laptop or ipadYes, it is device friendly. No, it is not device friendly as the course can only be seen in pendrive. Classes are only available on zoom.
ExpenseFREE OF COSTHigh fees It is not free of costNot free of cos and involves high fees.
Vidya Setu

Vidya Setu – Best Free Online Classes For Class 11 CBSE 

The Vidya Setu is a free virtual open school providing classes to grade 11th and 12th. The objective of Vidya Setu is to bring an overall education revolution in which higher secondary education can be provided to everybody irrespective of financial background. 

The Vidya Setu provides the study material free of cost as well and can be downloaded. The Vidya setu’s YouTube Video lectures are taught by experienced faculty who know which topics could be difficult for students and teach them accordingly. The free online coaching for class 11 CBSE involves problem-solving and is accessible to all. 

The involvement of  free online coaching for class 11 CBSE

 have increased due to the current situation of the pandemic which has led to the closure of all schools and colleges, Vidya Setu’s online classes for class 11 CBSE is extremely device friendly. 

Vidya Setu provides all the study material like NCERT notes, solutions and books free of cost saving all the money of students. The CBSE NCERT sample papers are also provided by vidya setu so that students can analyse their preparation and can work on topics where they lack preparation. 

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Free Online classes for class 11 CBSE are required so that students can continue their studies without any disruption and at the same time be safe inside their house. 

The Vidya Setu online classes provide free of cost online classes which can be downloaded and watched again and again. Students can join vidya setu’s online classes by visiting their Youtube channel or visiting the official website. 

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