Pakistan’s Plastic Road: The Next Step Towards Environmentally Friendly Production


The worldwide community has praised Pakistan’s recent eco-friendly efforts, which include a large tree-planting campaign across the country. Likewise, the nation is leading the way in decreasing its plastic trash by building highways out of it. The answer is a resounding “yes.” In Islamabad, discarded plastic bottles were recycled to build Pakistan’s debut plastic road. The project collaborated between the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the National Incubation Center (NIC), and a big corporation.  Let’s have a glance at how all of this came to be made possible.

Rudn Enclave is planning to launch first plastic road.


The city of Islamabad will be the first in Pakistan to have a plastic road constructed. Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed officially opened Islamabad’s new plastic roadway on Ataturk Avenue on December 6th. CDA and various partners were praised by the government for coming up with the proposal and bringing it to fruition on schedule. In the past, this was just a notion. In addition to the federal capital, the minister announced that plastic roads would be constructed in other cities.

Amidst the global problem of plastic contamination, Pakistan’s government has taken the opportunity of utilizing plastic to improve infrastructure that is both inexpensive than conventional materials and environmentally friendly. Using plastic as a raw resource for road construction will significantly impact the environment.

Ten tonnes of plastic container garbage were used to cover a one-kilometre stretch of road. According to a prominent daily newspaper, Islamabad generates 700 metric tons of rubbish each year, with about 150 metric tons of plastic waste. Every city’s plastic garbage could create stronger and more lasting roads if this idea is taken to a nationwide level. At 10 kg plastic to 42 kg bitumen, CDA Director Omer Sagheer says, the patch’s formula provides superior marshal strength, absorption value and endurance than regular road bitumen, which was employed in its construction.


Asphalt has long been the element of choice for constructing roads since it combines aggregates, binders, and fillers. This solidifies upon cooling, making it long-lasting, yet it has enormous negative consequences for the environment. Frittered away plastic bottles, post-consumer commodity packaging, and bitumen make up the bulk of plastic roadways. CDA uses a mixture containing around 19 per cent plastic and the rest bitumen to ensure a strong bond.

Stands to the benefit of Plastic Roads

Plastic is an excellent material for road development for a variety of reasons. Plastic contamination has entered rivers, seas, and oceans due to increased plastic consumption. Plastic can be used to build roads, resulting in increased development, lower construction costs, and less pollution in the atmosphere. In addition to being durable, plastic roadways aid in the cleanup of accumulated plastic debris. The following are some of the additional advantages:

  • Rainwater is less likely to soak into plastic roads.
  • Road infrastructure repair and development will employ more plastic, resulting in less plastic waste being dumped in landfills and the oceans.
  • We recycle plastic on-site while the product is being used speeds up the process.
  • In comparison to asphalt aggregate, plastic is more durable.
  • Cracks are less likely to form in this material.

The use of plastic roads is a worldwide phenomenon

Plastic roads are a novel idea in Pakistan, but other countries worldwide have begun to use this material in road construction. A growing network of plastic roads is already in place in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), India, Indonesia, the United States of America and South Africa. It’s practically impossible to see the plastic utilized in these roads since it’s a natural component of the road surface. The result is a well-maintained roadway surface. Read more about Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

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