PEMF Therapy for Joint Pain Relief


Pain has been one of the things healers in the past tried to solve. Over the years, doctors have been able to develop many medications meant to be pain killers to people. But although this is the case, pain killers are not 100% efficient in solving some issues such as joint pain. Some medical conditions make people suffer from pain n their joints, bones, and muscles. For this reason, doctors and medical research institutes funded and researched to figure out another way to deal with the pain and help people suffering from some medical conditions such as Arthritis.

PEMF Therapy

One of the solutions developed was the Pulsing Electromagnetic Field, the PEMF machine. When the Pulsing Electromagnetic Field is switched on, it produces an electromagnetic field that affects whatever is around the machine. If the body or a specific part of the body was near the machine when it was turned on, it would be affected by the electromagnetic field. The first thing that doctors identified that helped develop the PEMF machine is that the body is already electromagnetically charged. The heart charges the body through the blood it pumps. The heartbeat causes a pulsing electromagnetic charge across the body, that if manipulated, could help deal with the pain patients suffer from.

The Pulsing Electromagnetic Field is directed or acts on the body’s tissue. It activated the various parts of the body that may be suffering from the injury to help relieve the pain. Some of the parts targeted by the PEMF include the bone, ligament, and tendon affected. Since external magnetic fields have the ability to cause changes to the body, the PEMF can be used to interfere with the body at a cellular level.

PEMF Therapy Effects on a Cellular Level

The body is made up of billions of cells. Body cells are the most important parts of the body and need special attention to ensure healthy and strong. Each cell in the body has some functions that they have to perform. But one common factor is that all the cells need the energy to perform that role in the body to ensure body functions happen effectively. The body, or rather, the cell’s energy, is controlled by ATP, or the Adenosine Triphosphate. ATP is the organic material used to control how much energy the cells get, which in turn means that it controls how effective the cells are in the body.

The ATP levels should always ensure that the cells have enough energy to help them be efficient. Low ATP levels mean that the cells will have low energy and perform poorly. Some of the side effects of low ATP levels or energy levels in cells include; the first side effect is that waste material will build up in the body. Cells are tasked with the role of ensuring the waste product is delivered to the appropriate areas where it can be disposed of in the body. When the cells do not have enough energy, they will not be able to perform this function effectively. The second effect is that the body will not be able to treat itself effectively. Cells are also tasked with the role of repairing damage to other body parts such as the bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. When these parts are not repaired, the body suffers from damaged parts. For this reason, it is considered that feeling pain on your joints or parts of your body, that is, the cells calling out for your help to improve their performance.

PEMF Therapy Effects on the Cells

The PEMF currents have the ability to stimulate the movement of ions and electrolytes. Through this, the cells are charged, and their energy levels are increased through the roof. It is possible to notice a 500% increase in the cell’s energy levels after the magnetic current is used. An increase in energy levels means that the cells will perform their duties effectively and reduce or completely get rid of the pain the patient was suffering from before use.

The second advantage is that the electromagnetic current has the ability to act on the cell’s membrane. The membrane acts as a door or a guard. When the membrane is charged, it has the ability and strength to improve nutrient intake into the cells while also allowing waste materials to move out. Doing this will improve the health of the cells while also getting rid of waste materials produced that could cause harm and pain to the patient. Doing this could help reduce the probability of swelling and inflammation developing in the injured parts of the body.

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