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Baby gifts have long been a traditional gift to commemorate the birth of a child. The traditional practice of giving children’s gifts has evolved over the years, from simple baby items to personalized gift ideas for children. Today, people can enjoy an endless selection of gifts for kids that can be personalized with either the baby’s name or initials, date of birth, photo, or a cute message, poem, or quote. The Internet is filled with immeasurable ideas that are not only personalized but also available at low cost.

Now, if you’ve been invited to a baby shower but don’t have a big budget for a personalized baby shower gifts , consider the following ideas below.

Personalized Reception Blankets

Obtaining blankets often sells for very low prices and no doubt moms often use them for their babies. Because of the practicality of these children’s gifts, they are always well received and highly appreciated. If you choose to personalize a blanket, it will be very easy because there are many personalized reception blankets to choose from. The soft fleece blanket can be embroidered with the baby’s name or monograms for added elegance. These personalized sheets are available in a variety of colors to suit the baby’s gender and nursery.

Personalized clothing

There are so many stores both online and offline that sell personalized baby clothes. They usually come in one-piece baby rompers with press studs under the crotch to make it easier for an infant to change a diaper. Children’s clothing, preferably organic cotton, can be personalized with your favorite design or artwork, or embroidered with the child’s name or initials. However, there are some that can be personalized with a baby photo.

Personalized children’s meals

Children’s utensils such as cup, plate, spoon and fork can be personalized to make a special personalized keepsake for a child. There are various websites, malls, kiosks and stores that specialize in personalizing gifts such as baby food. Baby cups can be hand-painted in the colors and patterns you want, and if you choose pewter, the baby’s name or initials can be engraved on it. You can also engrave the same details on the spoon if you like.

Custom decor for the walls of the children’s room

Personalized canvas or framed wall decors are some of the good inexpensive gift ideas to choose from. They can add an accent to a child’s room. These decorative cheap baby shower gift ideas can be as simple as hanging frames for elaborate 3D shadow boxes with personalized details of the baby’s name and date of birth.

You can find other wider options for cheap personalized gifts for kids just by browsing the web. These days, there are thousands of online stores that sell personalized baby shower gifts, including personalized baby gift baskets, baby decorations, baby travel gear, baby furniture, and more. Don’t worry because most of these items available online are on sale at discounted prices that are perfect for any budget.

Gift baskets are very popular these days and this is a really great idea that you can buy either custom made or pre-made. Or you can make it yourself by collecting all the baby stuff you like for the baby. Here is how you can do it:

1. First find out the size of the basket you will be using. A very large basket can be difficult to fill, so a medium sized basket is recommended. Usually, craft stores sell baskets of different sizes, shapes and colors. Shredded tissue paper and raffia are great fillers to put in the bottom of the basket along with baby towels and blankets.

2. If you have a large basket, you can easily fill it up with larger items such as crib blankets, soft rabbit or teddy bear, pillows or crib rails.

3. Consider the gender of the child, what he really needs. For the first child, there will be many things that he will need. Having to look into the baby’s registry, if the mother-to-be has one, can be very helpful, as you will know what the baby really needs. If there is none, you can always ask the mother what else she needs for the baby.

4. Think about a topic. You can load everything pink for a girl, or everything blue for a boy, or anything that has a fluff or dinosaur design into the shopping cart. A themed sleep basket filled with story books, a music CD, blankets, pillows, pajamas, a music crib mobile and plush can be a great idea.

5. Another way to get creative is to use a baby bath, diaper bag, small laundry basket or chest instead of a basket.

6. For the bath, you can fill it with baby bath supplies, such as soap, towels, bath foam, powder, baby shampoo, lotion and rubber bath toys.

7. As for the chest, you can fill it with baby keepsake book, monogrammed items, blankets, family heirlooms, photo frame, and mother and baby inspirational book. You can also post a small inspirational note containing all your wishes for the child. This will add personality to Unicorn Gift.

8. As for the laundry basket, you can fill it with cute slippers, diapers, baby comb and brush, booties and baby clothes.

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