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Have you met someone you are so connected to and you feel like this is the one I’m going to take home to meet mom and dad? Well, I’m sure we all have at one point in our lives. Did that work out for all of us who thought that? The answer is no. For some, they were lucky enough and it did and for others, it didn’t. The reason why it didn’t work out for those people is that they are so in love that they fail to see their partners flaws and to check if they can deal with them resulting in heartbreaks. You are here most likely because you have found someone and that person is a Libran. In this blog post, you’ll find out pros and cons of dating a Libran.

Libra has been known to be extremely fun to be with and pleasant. They are gentle, caring, and amazing but does that make them a perfect match for everyone? Again, the answer is no. Libras are human too, so yeah! They do have flaws too and it might surprise you that when you find out about them, they may become a deal-breaker for you. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the pros and cons of dating a Libra.

Pros of dating a Libra

  • Libras are great at listening 

Everyone knows that for every relationship to thrive, communication is key and you can only communicate with someone when the other person is willing to hear you out. The best way to not get misunderstood in a relationship is by talking about your feelings and the things you are bothered about, lucky for you, you are dating a Libra and they are great at listening so you’ll always have someone whose willing to hear you out. Libras can spend hours on end listening to you talk about your day, workload, your sports team, and just about anything that makes you happy. They value everything you throw at them and will listen to all you have to say patiently regardless of the number of times you repeat it.

  • Libras can sweep you off your feet

If you are dating a Libra or in love with one then you should be careful because they just might sweep you off your feet with their sweet words. Libras are smooth talkers and they are capable of charming pretty much anyone. They are good at verbally expressing their feelings to the people around them as well as with their body language. If you are in a relationship with a Libra then you are in for a hell of a ride because they’ll keep on trying new things just to impress you.

Cons of dating a Libra

  • Libras are indecisive 

Libras are the worst at making quick decisions so if you are ever in a situation where you’ll have to make a quick decision a Libra won’t be able to help you out. For a Libra, it doesn’t have to be a major decision they can be indecisive about practically anything and that can be a whole lot to deal with.

  • Libras talk a lot

You already know that Libras are great at listening but little did you know that they are just as good at talking or even better at talking. They talk so much that you may just sit back and wonder if they never stop talking. Libras will be prepared to hear you out as you tell them practically anything but they’ll expect you to do the same for them. In reality, you’ll have to listen more to them because they’ll talk more than you. Libras have always wanted to be loved so they can unload a lot of their feelings on their partner which can seem a bit much most times. If you have no problem sitting for hours listening to them talk then you wouldn’t have problems with dating a Libra.


Libras are great to date if you can live with their flaws. Are you a Libra and you didn’t know this much about yourself? Maybe you knew that but you want to find out more about yourself then you can get your Libra astrology reading at “yourastrologyreadings”. Visit them today.

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