Pros and Cons of Renting Furnished Homes


Renting out a furnished apartment or home is an option most people opt for when they are temporarily staying at a place. Most overseas Pakistanis also prefer renting out furnished apartments of houses during their stay in the country. This is a considerably cheaper option for temporary tenants. 

      Furnished homes or apartments commonly come with basic furniture such as beds, sofas, dressers, dining tables and chairs, air conditioners, tv, basic kitchen utensils, a fridge, microwave, washing machine, etc. Despite all the facilities, there are also a few cons to renting out a furnished home.

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      One of the main reasons why tenants prefer furnished homes is the included furniture. This saved them the hassle of finding the right furniture for their home or searching for budget-friendly options that they can last long. The furniture not being the right size is another issue most homeowners face and furnished residential rentals save them this hassle too. Most Landlords who rent out furnished apartments also include the utility bills in the rent. This way tenants only have to worry about paying their rent on time and free themselves of the inconvenience of paying utility bills on time.


      Renting out fully or partially furnished rental properties is mostly popular among tenants on the lookout for temporary stays. Most students studying in another city prefer renting out furnished rentals. Overseas citizens and people looking for employment in another city also prefer to opt for furnished rentals. Furnished rental homes are also popular among people who relocate quite often such as business owners and investors. 


     Moving out of furnished rentals is an easy and quick process as compared to moving out of a rental property where tenants invested in the furniture. This is because once the tenants move back to their homes, they do not want to bother with having someone buy their furniture or take it back with them. Not only is this process time-consuming, but also very hectic and very costly. However, moving out of furnished rentals not only saves their time but also their money and is also rather quick and easy.



       It’s quite obvious that furnished rentals are more expensive comparatively. Even if the rental property is a fully or partially furnished home or apartment, the cost will still be higher as compared to renting out vacant homes or apartments. For tenants planning on staying a long time period, it’s better to invest in good furniture and rent out a vacant apartment. This option is also better for tenants looking to remodel or decorate the rental space to their own liking. 


      Another problem with renting out furnished homes is that in case of breakage, the tenants have to pay for it. Tenants with small children have a very hard time living in furnished rentals because, in case of breakage, they are answerable to the landlord. The issue with most furnished rentals is that landlords charge tenants the cost of new furniture instead of charging them the cost of fixing it. Tenants fixing or repairing the furniture themselves is not an option in the case of most furnished rentals as the landlord can sue them. These additional charges add to the already high rental rates and can make it impossible for some people to afford them.


      Lastly, the condition of the furniture and the appliances is another factor to consider before renting a furnished apartment. As the rent for furnished properties is a lot, tenants expect the furniture and the electronics to be in working condition and not falling apart. It is best to make sure the electronics in the rental are under warranty. Furthermore, most tenants are not comfortable sleeping in the same bed or using the same electronics and utensils as previous tenants. In such scenarios, it is best to rent out vacant rentals. 

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