Reasons Why Pools Are Made With Fiberglass


When choosing a material for your pool, there are many reasons to choose fiberglass. These benefits include affordability, strength, and ease of maintenance. But do you want to spend a lot of money on a pool? Fiberglass pools are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Read on to learn why fiberglass is a better choice for your collection. We’ve also outlined a few other benefits that you’ll appreciate. You can also find out more through fiberglass pool companies in Georgia.


There are several advantages to using fiberglass as a construction material for your pool. First, this material is inexpensive and comes in a variety of shapes. While at one-time fiberglass pools were available in only rectangle shapes, today, manufacturers are creating more unique forms than ever. Moreover, fiberglass pools are more accessible to move from truck to hole because of their lightweight material. This means that you will have more space for your other outdoor amenities. You can also use this material in a spa or water feature like a fountain.


The downsides of a fiberglass swimming pool are minimal compared to the advantages. Fiberglass pools are cheaper to build and can last up to 70 years. While this material has some cons, the benefits outweigh these drawbacks. Fiberglass swimming pools are also beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re unsure about purchasing one, contact a professional pool builder for advice. They can help you determine which type of pool is right for your home.

Easy to maintain

Fiberglass pools do not need much maintenance compared to other types of pools. However, you must check the water chemistry, run your pool filter, and keep the water level high enough to reach the skimmer. If you have difficulty keeping up with maintenance, you can hire a professional to clean your fiberglass pool. Otherwise, here are some steps you can take to keep your fiberglass pool looking great.


One of the advantages of a cheap fiberglass pool is its ease of installation. Fiberglass pools are comparatively simple to install and come with all the necessary parts. Though you will probably outsource the electrical and plumbing to an expert, you can save hundreds of dollars by tackling some of the grunt work yourself. For additional assistance, hire a general handyperson who can install the pool for you. Then, you can enjoy swimming in your new pool with little hassle.

More shapes

There are many different types of fiberglass pools. Choose between a kidney-shaped, rectangular, or roman-shaped fiberglass pool. Some fiberglass pools have built-in benches and splash pads, while others feature a hot tub. These pools feature a high-quality gel-coat finish to give them a vibrant color. Here are some different shapes of fiberglass pools that are popular for swimming pools. You’ll have plenty of choices once you’ve selected the best one for your space and budget.

Less likely to be damaged

The resin used in constructing a fiberglass pool helps the chopped fiberglass hold together, making it less likely to crack or be damaged by water. The resin used in making fiberglass pools includes polyester and vinyl ester. Polyester resin prevents water from penetrating the polyester layer, which is waterproof. Vinyl ester resin does not allow water to penetrate the polyester layer so that it will remain unscathed in the long run. In contrast, vinyl ester resin absorbs moisture and leaves a rough surface.

Easy to heat

A fiberglass pool is an excellent choice if you want to heat your pool efficiently without the cost of a heating system. It comes pre-cast from the factory and is installed as a single piece on the site. Because of their smooth surface, fiberglass pools are easy to clean and maintain. As a result, they don’t need to be treated as often as concrete pools. However, they need to be tested periodically for chemicals and should be treated as required.

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