Outdoor furnishing is becoming a common emerging trend in recent times. Just like you, many people run short of ideas for patio inspiration ideas for upgrading their barren lawn areas into the lush green sitting area. Remember that you create your weather for outdoor fun, Copper and Tweed is a pinnacle of creativeness that bring an awesome atmosphere for your newspaper reading, evening tea, or having important conversations in the view you can’t beat!


Lawns and gardens are one of the most serene spaces of your home, bringing peace and delight every time you stroll there, or have dinner or platters. Outdoor dining and sitting can give rise to nostalgia. Copper and Tweed takes pride in being a part of your memories. Our sturdy dining table and chairs are high curated pieces made especially with the vision of enhancing your view of splendid sun, cool breeze, and serene trees and plants.


Copper and Tweed provides durable and outdoor efficient products made of bronze, nickel, wood, and upholstery. Available in beautiful colors to match your patio fights efficiently against hardships of the weather. We sell sleek and reliable outdoor dining tables and chairs, benches, chaises, daybeds, sofas, coffee tables, and stools within an affordable price range.

Save your money for the long run. Never waste a single penny compromising the value and quality of outdoor furniture and accessories. In many stores you could easily get fancy and stylish products, however, they fail to be weather friendly and end up wasting all your money, time, and energy. Fortunately, Copper and Tweed specialize in creating a stylish yet comfortable living that is weather resistant and prevents wear and tear.


Enhance your outdoor tea or brunch with our high value chairs, benches, daybeds, couches and many more. Speak your heart out at the patio tables to your near and dear ones, or have an exchange of political views. Throw a fancy lawn party in cloudy weather for your friends and family giving birth to endless memories and reliving them. If you are introvert you will also enjoy their cup of tea with Mother Nature because a cup of tea makes everything better!


A large variety of furniture and accessories are available in different flavors for different lawn outlooks. No need to bother if you don’t have a lush patio or ample space for outdoor furniture, our devoted customers always love our concise and perfectly sized furniture that fits to meet your demands and needs and becomes a part of nature easily.


Why waste money on the royal lawn and balcony furniture when you can’t even spend your leisure time or weekend hours over the daybeds because they fail to provide you with the comfort and relaxation you need during those hours? Along with looks, our creative and innovative minds work on providing comfortable and soft designs. 

We know to prioritize essentials, and comfort is the first essential. Even our outdoor furniture collection is gentle on your lumber spine and prevents strain on your back, so you could enjoy air and birds chirping along with the reading newspaper. Unlike other outdoor furniture services, our sturdy furniture will retain its appearance and doesn’t fade with time.

Copper and Tweed work on reducing your cleaning efforts. Just like our indoor furniture, our hands create pieces that are simple to maintain and easy to clean. A washable and waterproof surface eases the cleaning task. Finest quality products are created according to your demand and desires. It maintains the good-as-new look always and forever! So don’t waste time when you can get the purest form of elegance along with style, comfort, and ease in competitive pricing.


Uplift your outdoor living with our minimalist, creative yet relaxing furniture that includes everything for your lawn from dining table and chairs to daybeds Scroll through our online store to view our sturdy furniture products. Our latest design and collection of furniture; indoors or outdoors, will succeed to impress you. So gather now your friends to have a lawn party at your place and experience new living!

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