9 Reasons to Opt for Rent to Own Homes in Perth


Have you been stuck paying your rent for what feels like forever? Do you want all that money relocated for better use? Rent to own homes are the perfect solution. It provides you with an opportunity to use your rent money as purchase money to own a home. There is a great debate on whether one should opt for rent to own or solely house for rent. Such dilemmas can lead to missed opportunities in the long run, along with plummeting finances.

What are Rent-to-Own Homes?

If you are stuck between paying monthly rent and ineligibility for a mortgage, renting to own homes is the easy fix. You will be able to lease a house and pay rent each month, which will be cut from the house’s purchase price, bringing you one step closer to house ownership.

Reasons to Choose Rent-to-Own Properties

Cost Analysis

Buying a home through conventional standards requires a lot of money all at once. It isn’t feasible for people who are financially struggling. It is the main reason why they have to choose to rent a place. To move forward with homeownership, the payment structure of Rent to own homes helps to relocate renting costs to purchase costs.

Bank Balance

Yes, finances matter in all cases, especially when buying a house, but you do not have to spend money all at once when you opt for rent-to-own housing. It allows you to buy the house over a set period gradually without having to pay a hefty amount all at once.

Avoid Buyer Competition

When you invest in rent-to-own, buyer competition can easily be avoided. Buyer competition can lead to increased prices, irregularities and the hassle of offers and counter-offers.

Location and Availability

This service has become widely available in different areas, especially across Australia. Looking for property listings requires expertise for which you can go to companies like Stop Renting Perth.

Building Home Equity

Monthly payments do not generate home equity because the property you live in isn’t yours, whereas rent-to-own provides you with an opportunity to own land gradually through leasing. Such money generation will financially stabilize you for years to come. You can use these payments to pay for the mortgage, housing and tuition fees.

No Yearly Increase in Payments

Those who have lived in rented houses know the pain of annual increases in rent. A fixed rate reduces the element of surprise to nil by removing such yearly increases. Regardless of how significantly the value of your house increases, you will not have to pay anything additional.

No Pet Bond

In some places, the general trend is to not allow pets in rental houses. In contrast, others are known for their animal-loving population. For the latter, rentals require a pet bond, which is the price you have to pay to keep your pets with you when staying as a paying tenant. When you own a house, there is no need for special permission or a pet bond. You can save that money to create a better lifestyle for your pet instead.

Long-term investment

Instant gratification in conventional renting can cause a dent in your savings with no hope for future homeownership. By investing in rent-to-own homes early on, you will be able to live in your future home. Every month, you’ll get one step closer to purchasing it.

Test-run/Living before Committing

The best investment is an informed investment. Living in a potential forever home helps you assess the issues and the perks of the area. By the end of the lease, you still have the option to look for other homes instead of committing to one decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a purchase option?

The purchase option allows buyers to rent a home initially with the right to purchase it before the lease expires. It is an option presented in your contract that does not put you under any obligations to buy the house. It offers you the choice.

  1.  What is a rent-to-own agreement?

It is a standard contract that states the quoted purchase price, the set monthly rent, premium payments such as option fee, and deposit and maintenance fees. There are two types of agreements for this service:



Note: Identify your contract accordingly to protect yourself from legally getting bound to purchase the house.

  1. What’s the catch with rent to own homes?

This option is a safe option as long as you are careful with the legalities. The leasing contract will determine it. This is why involving a team of experts is essential to carry out a smooth transition.

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