Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


It’s been decades since we first heard the term “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.” Unfortunately, there are still thousands of harassment charges filed every year. Clearly, there is still a need for proper workplace training.

Here are some basic definitions of sexual harassment. Below there are also reasons why training your employees is essential. 

What Is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Sexual harassment involves any unwelcome or inappropriate remarks or behavior of a sexual nature. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission classifies this behavior as any advances or demands of sexual favors. These may interfere with job performance or affect employment.

Workplace Safety

One of the most important reasons to provide proper training for your employees is to create an office culture where everyone feels safe. In years past, victims of harassment feared termination or sexual assault. When your employees feel secure in the office space, they feel free to be more productive. 

Sexual harassment can happen to anyone. Giving your employees bodily autonomy, the inherent right to make decisions that affect one’s future, protects everyone. 

General Education

Your employees may have a general idea as to what sexual harassment is in an office setting. It is important to set clear definitions. Then everyone understands what behavior is appropriate.

Having policies in place also equips your staff with the tools they need to address issues as they arise. During this training, your employees will learn how to identify incidents of harassment using examples they can readily recognize. Then they will learn how to report these incidents and how the investigation will proceed. 

Legal Compliance

Many states have laws that require sexual harassment training. These laws vary from state to state and depend on the number of employees at the company or the industry the company is involved in.

California requires training for any company with more than 5 employees. New York City requires training for every calendar year. It’s important to know the laws of your state and work to be in compliance with those laws. 

Reduce Risk

Many times noncompliance with state laws will come with fines and other penalties. Comprehensive training programs will help keep you from facing those penalties. Training and education also significantly reduces the risk of such cases becoming an issue in your company.  

Companies without adequate training and sexual harassment policies also open themselves to the risk of lawsuits. Having company-wide protocols in place protects everyone and creates a positive work environment. 

For training, it’s important to choose a professional and accredited compliance course provider that focuses on workplace safety. 

The More You Know

Sexual Harassment in the workplace education will go a long way in creating a peaceful and productive work environment for everyone. It also protects your company when you are compliant with state laws and local statutes.

HIPAA Exams offers thorough sexual harassment training. This training will help your employees identify and prevent harassment in the workplace. 

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