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    The two terms “packaging” and “social media” may not seem like they belong together at first glance. Social media unboxing is a growing trend that will change all that. With over 500,000 Instagram posts labeled #unpacking and a rise of over 800% in YouTube video searches with unboxing in the headline, the impact of custom gift boxes packaging on social media is more than you would imagine. But what is it about packaging that makes it shareable on social media?

    It is critical that your bespoke packaging provides a visceral first impression that is precisely aligned with your product. It allows for a smooth transition from unwrapping to pleasure – all as part of the all-important unpacking experience. There is no denying the difficulty of the task.

    Here are a few innovative methods to increase online interactions till your bespoke packaging becomes social media viral.

    Knowing Your Customer Will Help You Create an Awesome Experience

    The greatest unpacking experiences start with custom gift boxes that are carefully created for the intended consumer who will open them. Knowing your audience’s demographics is critical in this situation. Age and gender are important factors, but so are beliefs and problems that they face.

    Believe it or not, your packaging can convey to the consumer via the correct use of color, font, and even material. They will show them that you share their values. Also, it will represent that your product can help them solve whatever is keeping them up at night with anxiety or otherwise causing them to suffer.

    Soothing pastel hues and cursive typefaces are ideal. They may create a feeling of luxury or fun. Also, strong colors and serif fonts can suggest a sense of tradition or history.

    Color and typography are only a part of what makes a box. Also, the shape and design of the box influence the overall impression.

    Create the Message You Want to Send — From the Inside Out

    When it comes to the exterior of the box, companies frequently grasp the basics of the box design. It is ideal for outstanding custom gift boxes packaging but leaves the interior barren and boring.

    What impression does this have on the customer? What about sharing the package on social media with their friends and followers?

    Rather than totally covering the box, you don’t want to seem overcrowded. So, personalize your box design with the same care and attention you gave to the product itself.

    A packaging company that provides both inside and outside printing on the box may be suitable for this purpose. Alternatively, try putting your logo on the exterior with an inspiring or humorous message on the inside. You can put anything that makes the client feel like “this business completely ‘gets’ me!”

    There is plenty of packaging ideas available; start exploring! Just keep in mind that the unpacking experience is, in some ways, a well-planned event, with your product taking center stage.

    Small things like custom gift boxes may make a huge impact and help you connect with your audience.

    Keep in mind that individuals who are unfamiliar with your business are seeing how that brand handles its consumers firsthand on social media. Would they be more likely to purchase from you based on what they’re seeing?

    Color Rounds Out the Mood color psychology product packaging

    We’ve already discussed color, but I’d want to emphasize its importance not just psychologically but also in terms of how it is perceived by the audience.

    Large corporations understand the value of beautiful product photography, yet let’s face it. Not every social media user has access to professional photography equipment, and even fewer would use anything other than their smartphones to film unboxing custom gift boxes with logo videos and snap photos.

    Having bold colors that stand out and represent the brand effectively in a picture or video is a key selling factor in this case. When consumers browse through their social media feeds that can come across a product that piques their attention. If your design is well designed and distinctive, it is more likely to stand out and be remembered.

    Include Social Media in Your Packaging Design Process

    Beautiful packages are not created overnight, but social media is now more than ever playing an important part in how packages are conceived and evolved. Packaging serves the dual goal of both impressing consumers and safeguarding the goods throughout the shipping procedure before they reach the anxiously awaiting customer’s hands.

    Consider fragrances and cologne, for example. The spritz or spray is not the emphasis of commercials or social media postings. They concentrate on the body and sensations evoked by the fragrance, but more significantly, they concentrate extensively on the packaging.

    The bottle’s form and elegance. The positioning of the logo. The hue and design. Everything contributes to the brand and the image you wish to make. That is why successful businesses use custom branded packaging – and today, with social media, it is even more important.

    Shareable on both the shelf and the screen

    We’ve discussed a lot about images and typeface thus far, but what about custom boxes texture? You may be shocked to discover that, although the texture is not a major component of the packing process, it is much more essential to men than to women.

    Texture works well with goods that aim to portray themselves as more natural, rough, and “of the Earth.” And, although the intricacies of a package’s texture may not be seen in video or photos, it is still there and provides the user with a tactile sensation that clearly distinguishes it from the common packing material they are familiar with.

    That is why it is critical to have shareable packaging, whether on the shelf or on the screen. People have an incredible number of options these days.

    Your product must stand out even more from the competition if you choose to include both large and small elements in your package. Your product’s uniqueness is determined by many useful aspects. One of the most critical is the texture.

    Unboxing Videos

    How can Unboxing Experience More Fun Memorable social media unboxing gift boxes wholesale videos on YouTube? Remember that it isn’t only the technical elements of the packaging that make the unpacking experience social media share-worthy. A social media site is one that is primarily social in nature. Good experiences are often shared by people.

    When consumers unbox a product, they are taking the time and making an effort to display these goods, sometimes without urging or sponsorship from the company itself, but yet helping to push the brand even further.

    It may be useful to look at unboxing cardboard gift boxes experiences, particularly on Instagram and YouTube. You may search for videos labeled #unboxing, and you’ll find hundreds of them to get ideas. In viewing the films, your customers may not always associate your brand and product with the emotions you would want them to have.

    It is vital for you to have a clear vision of what you want your valuable brand to convey to potential customers. You may talk about what you want your brand to communicate. It is clear that there is a poor fit between your ideas and what your consumers notice (and their responses to it).

    The appropriate custom gift boxes may assist in avoiding this. The likelihood of this happening can also be reduced by aligning the brand, packaging, audience, and social media presence. You may assist lead the consumer to the kind of reaction you want via your packaging. You cannot do it directly, but rather discreetly.

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