Simple image galleries for your site running on jQuery


To create new websites, ready-made galleries with images are often used, which can quickly and efficiently update the interior of the future platform. To use them, it is enough to have basic knowledge, and ready-made gallery plugins (jQuery) can be easily used for your own purposes.

  • It is best to give examples of the best galleries from jQuery that will be able to meet the needs of many users:
  • To increase the animation, this script uses the acceleration of the graphics processor – Fansibox;
  • A great plugin in which you can share thumbnails (animated) and the network – Gallery of Light;
  • Gallery (video and images) for both web and mobile devices. Has transition effects and swipe functions – Blueimp Gallery;
  • A great app up to PCs, tablets and mobile gadgets – Swipebox;
  • A beautiful gallery of images with many effects running on jQuery –
  • Able to activate from one to several images on the developed site – Chocolate;
  • Plugin with the ability to create a justified gallery – Justified;
  • Plugin that can be used to create overlay image layers – Fresh/Frescojs;
  • A great plugin for creating image galleries – JBOX;
  • A great plugin for transferring images to a flexible grid is photoset grid.

There are many other image galleries for creating web projects. On the Internet, it is easy to find them and, if desired, use them for your work.

Where to get free images for the site?

It is not always possible to use your personal images to create the desired interface on the site. That is why databases with paid or free images come to the rescue. Such image repositories are also called photo stocks or photobanks.

In fact, photo stocks are intermediaries between customers and the images themselves. Of course, few people want to buy paid images, so they are looking for a resource with free ones. Here are the most popular free photo stock images:

  • Unsplash – does not require permission from the author, but it is recommended to leave a link;
  • Pixabay is a great platform where developers share their best practices;
  • Reshot is an excellent resource for filling social networks;
  • Stockvault – a large database of raster and vector images;
  • Stocksnap – if you need to find high-quality amateur or professional images, then there are many to choose from;
  • Free Images – a huge database of images, it is interesting that images are divided here depending on the model of the camera on which the picture was taken;
  • Canva is an editor that in most cases creates graphic images, but there is also a good database of ready-made images that will fit any site;
  • Stockvault – a large database of raster and vector images;
  • Stocksnap – if you need to find high-quality amateur or professional images, then there are many to choose from;
  • Foter is a huge photo bank with cool and most importantly high-quality photos.

Using free photo sources for websites helps a lot when creating quality new platforms. It is very convenient to use ready-made free photographic materials for your developments.

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