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The digitalization of the office workspace has been greatly fueled by the integration of remote working with physical working. Long before the pandemic pushed offices and office managers to think about re-imagined and integrated workspaces, there was an evident shift towards cutting on costs for office space building hire and maintenance. This was through having more freelance workers as part of the workforce or cutting down on what seemed to be unnecessary space sometimes at the cost of the comfort and convenience of the employees. 

Now, however, there has been real change and progress for office managers to maximize office spaces with desk and office hoteling and booking. It is possible to monitor the space as it is used in real-time and knows which spaces to maximize on and which to change or do away with. There are certainly many advantages to using this type of modern office layout. All of these are brought together with scheduling software. 

One thing that several studies have indicated is that conference rooms will be the most booked and used spaces since different employees will often need to meet with other team members for brainstorming sessions or meeting potential clients. This is why it will be imperative to use office scheduling software to make these collaborations easier and seamless. 

Advantages of using office scheduling software:

A good conference room scheduling software offers an affordable and user-friendly way to make your space more efficient. With such an application, employees and team members can be able to see the available spaces and the time frames during which they are available. This way, there is an equal distribution of resources as hoarding does not occur. 

There are also no frustrations from finding a conference room already in use, double bookings, no-shows, and lost reservations. With this room management system, the employees can easily see the status of the conference rooms in the apps and even get notifications when the rooms are available or when they will next be available. 

How to Use a Conference Room Booking Software:   

Long before office hoteling gained mainstream popularity, trusted conference booking software have been providing users with a feature-rich platform to carry out conference scheduling and the two-decade track record attests to its successful implementation.  What’s more, there are now amazing Covid compliant features to make sure office managers keep employees safe throughout the work process.

User interface: The color-coded user interface makes it easy for users to see free conference rooms on any device from phones to laptops. An example of such a system would have Green standing for the open dates, red  for booked spaces that are currently unavailable, and blue  for spaces with permanent users while yellow is to signal that the room will be available in thirty minutes. There is also a real-time calendar that gives all team members reminders of their upcoming meetings or team collaboration sessions. 

System integration:  Another great thing about using conference booking software is that it can easily be integrated into any existing company network so you do not have to worry about shifting into new systems. Web-based applications like office 365, Zapier, and Okta can also be easily integrated by this software. All you have to do is fill out the information as needed to make the integration possible. 

Ease of use: once the integration process is complete you can now have your employees easily use the software from android, iOS, and laptop platforms. All that is needed is a stable internet connection to view available workspaces and make reservations.  It can be used by teams as easily as it can be used by higher management to meet with certain teams for updates and strategies. Users can also modify, cancel or add notes to the room booking reservations. 

Pick conference rooms according to need:  Conference rooms can be picked according to the resources that the team members need such as a projector, sound system, or Wi-Fi. There is an equipment tracking section that displays available equipment in real-time. 

Notifications and reminders for booked spaces: to avoid having no-shows and keep the system fluid and efficient, users will get email and text notifications to remind them a few hours before their reservation.  These notifications go out to all the participants of the meeting at that scheduled time. 


Collaborations within the workplace are integral to the growth of the business and conference rooms can offer you the kind of space to do that with your employees. As an office manager, you will be able to see how to best make workspaces adaptable to user needs with the detailed reports and analytics of space usage. 

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