Six Ways to Introduce Glass into your Backyard Scheme


Your backyard can provide hours of enjoyment throughout the summer months. In fact even throughout the cooler seasons you can glance out back and still enjoy the view. Glass is a wonderful element to add to your garden and it can be used in a number of ways. Here are six ways on how to use glass in your garden design scheme:

  • Fencing: Glass fencing is an exceptional material as it allows you to maintain clear views on your property. It is especially effective for pool areas which tend to be centrally located. They offer a secure fencing system for pools but can also be used on decks. They are ideal on properties situated with breathtaking vistas and can act to keep your property free from intruders without making you feel like you are cut off from the surrounding area.
  • Lighting: Outdoor lighting can add an enchanting detail to any garden. Using various glass fixtures can provide plenty of sparkle and dazzle in the evenings. Outdoor lighting comes in a number of varieties including lights which must be hard wired and many models are available that run on batteries. You can also look for glass candle holders for even more dazzle and magic. Look for hundreds of ideas for tea candles from hurricane lamps to multi tiered crystal chandeliers.
  • Dining: Adding plenty of glass to your summer dining table when eating al fresco is a wonderful way to keep the garden feeling light and airy. Look for colored Dichroic glass options to add a more cheerful look or use clear glass for more elegance. Just be careful not to drop anything when setting the table. Also glass is not recommended pool side.
  • Furniture: There are many furniture designs that incorporate glass especially in garden table. You can keep your garden looking pretty and clean with furnishings featuring glass tops. From bistro tables to interesting side tables with wicker bottoms, glass is very well wearing in the outdoors.Be sure to look for furniture that uses tempered glass.
  • Privacy Partitions: If you have a nosy neighbour or just want to provide more privacy you can look at using custom frosted or etched glass for your terrace or deck. Glass partitions come in many different finishes and make a nice outdoor feature as you will not block out the natural light. You can actually even look for UV coatings in some cases to keep the dangerous rays at bay while still enjoying the natural warmth and light of the sun.
  • Water Features: Incorporating a glass wall in your water features is a lovely effect that will offer a unique and interesting fountain or waterfall. Water features are always a welcome addition to outdoor space as they not only look gorgeous but sound lovely as well. The soothing sounds of a fountain can help block out the sounds of traffic or add to the peace and tranquility of a quiet garden.

Any of these ideas will allow you to add glass as an interesting feature in your garden scheme.

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