Solar Power Industry Trends in California: Shaping the Future

Solar Power Industry Trends

Solar energy has taken the world by storm as we try to be as clean as we possibly can, which means turning to clean and renewable energy. People have started to turn to solar energy more because aside from the fallen costs, the technological advancement that we have now really increased the effectiveness of solar panels. With California solar power installers, you would be able to get your solar needs and help reduce your own carbon footprint. These are some of the solar power industry trends: shaping the future.

What is solar power’s future in California?

As of right now, there are 2 classes of technologies that we could use to help convert solar energy into electricity, photovoltaics (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP) that we could see would most likely be used in the near future. The technology that we would be using for our solar energy needs, especially with these kinds of materials, would last for several decades. It would most likely be between now and 2050.

With the extent of how fast we are expanding when it comes to the solar industry, it’s growing at such a dramatic pace. This means that the tiny scale that we are on right now would be very hard to predict in the future. And with the unsure market that we are standing in right now, there is still a bit of uncertainty in the conditions of the market and the public policies in the future.

What are some Future Power Trends In the Solar Power Industry?

1. Becoming more affordable

Within a decade, solar would be more affordable for people because of all of the policies that the government is putting up in support of its implementation. It would continue to have low costs. Just last year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) stated that solar energy and using solar panels would have to be the cheapest source of electricity that we have right now in some parts of the world.

2. Using ponds as solar energy sources

Right now there is also this current trend of putting up Floating photovoltaic panels (Plot Volaris-FV). They are floating solar systems that we could see floating on top of ponds and a few other wastewater holding areas that would be able to help in generating solar power on a larger scale. 

They are constructed on top of ponds, waste-water treatment facilities, and lakes that would be able to bring in lean and renewable energy without having to sacrifice more space and real estate. 

They are usually anchored to the body of water by using helical piles, concrete blouses, or platypus piles that would be able to secure the chains and the cables. 

3. Clean energy, air, and environment

As we move into these new administrations in the United States of America, we could already see the focused efforts on trying to improve the status of our planet, which means turning to improve clean energy. 

There are a lot of ways that people are doing that right now, including using electrical vehicles, being more environmentally sensitive, modernizing infrastructures, and turning to sustainability. As the years pass, we may see the increased regulation of using clean energy and reducing the incentives of using oil.

4. More diversity in the energy sector

Since everything is moving at such a fast pace right now, there have been more and more people turning to clean and renewable energy, which includes going solar. There have been a lot of companies popping up left and right that would easily be able to provide solar services to the people who have entered. 

Our society is now turning to renewable energy, so we could expect that the demand for such would increase as the years pass.

5. Increase in demands

Throughout the years, we could expect that there would be an increase in demands for solar energy, and there would be a lot of people who would be swapping from everyday traditional products to products that are powered by solar. 

There are a few things that we could find right now that could be powered by solar, like outdoor motion sensor lights, cookers, portable smartphone chargers, generators, and backpacks.

The Economics of Solar Power

As of right now, fossil fuel would still have to be the number one source of power in the United States energy consumption, but solar power is trailing behind it at 2.3 percent of total energy consumption. But because of the increase in mountaineering environmental, production, and government subsidies, there is an increase that would affect the direct cost of both solar and wind energy. The consumers for both renewable energy have increased because of this.

There is an estimate that is made that fossil fuels would be depleted in less than 100 years. Oil would be depleted by 2052, coal would be depleted by 2090, and oil would be depleted by 2060. While the consumption of fossil fuels would not deteriorate, other energy sources like crude oil, natural gas, and coal would be gone.

With the use of solar, there are also a lot of corporations who are heavily investing in solar systems as they try to contribute as much as they could to the economics of solar power, while there are also a lot of governments around the world who are providing tax credits and subsidies to people who use solar and other forms of clean energy as a form of incentive.

How to Profit From Solar Energy

In the last few years, solar energy has been more affordable and we could actually profit from it. Because it converts light energy that is coming from the sun into electricity that we could use to power our homes, a lot of users have benefited from it. 

Photovoltaic (PV) energy uses these flat solar panels which usually are set up on the roof of your infrastructures and across open spaces. You coulda also use thermal solar where you would be using mirrors so that you could focus all of the sun’s energy on a single point. This would be able to turn the water into steam and turn turbines, which would then give you clean, natural, and renewable energy.

You would be able to profit from solar energy because most state governments have this kind of tax subsidy and grants for people who turn to save energy, and they encourage their citizens to use more solar panels. It could also help reduce your annual tax bills.

Net metering is also a way that you could profit from solar energy because this would allow you to give back some of the solar electricity that your solar panel has collected back into the grid. This would lower your monthly electricity bill, especially if you are still connected to the grid. 


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