Some facts about the question game

question game

It’s a very great game to start a conversation with your fellow and with your friend and know about them while asking a question about it. This game is pretty straightforward. But do you know how to play it and what questions you should ask your friend? While playing this game you should have more fun.

How to play:

You can play 21 questions game freaky about your friend and they will answer you truthfully. It’s not a limit to asking 21 questions. You should ask more questions also. But it is felt that 21 questions are enough to know about the other personality. The popularity of the game is its not depend on age. You should ask questions easily about what age is it. And if you become new friends this game will help you a lot to understand each other likings and dislikings. And you want to know your friend deeply. This s the best game for you. If you want to make it more exciting to play this game. There are four best ways to play this game:

· Classic

· Ricochet

· Round and Round

· The dice version

Question to ask a girl for the game of  Questions Game:

You should ask this question if you want to know about the other person’s personality. These are questions you should ask about the other person you play the game with.

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1. What are you like the most things?

2. What type of TV shows do you want to watch, your favorite books and favorite movies do you like the most?

3. When you scroll on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, do you like the post of celebrities you want to meet in your life once?

4. The best thing you enjoyed in your school, or the thing you missed the most in school life?

5. If you are in the situation of dirt, extremely and very hungry, What would you do first? Would you eat, take a shower or take a nap?

6. Name one quality of yours for which you want that people will remember you?

7. Anyone has broken your heart?

8. Name the one movie you watch again and again in your life?

9. Your favorite hobby?

10. Your favorite person in your life you want not to lose in your life?

11. The one food you like to eat most?

12. Has anyone broken your heart ever?

13. What happened on your first date?

14. Have you broken anyone’s heart in your life?

15. What are the top things on your wish list?

16. What is the biggest lie you tell o others that has come to your mouth? And why you say?

17. If you make dinner for me what would you prepare?

18. Do you like cooking?

19. What the best things’ you cooked easily?

20. Do you like to off one month from school or college?

21. Places you Dream to visit once?

21 questions to ask for a boy?

1. How long is your relationship? Why did it end?

2. Have you ever lived with a partner?

3. What’s your dream job?

4. The one thing you accomplish in your life?

5. Your best friend’s name?

6. Your favorite food?

7. You have ever been in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship?

8. What’s your favorite holiday?

9. Your childhood happiest memory?

10. Your favorite sound?

11. What’s your favorite thing on a rainy day?

12. Your favorite scents?

13. What words do you hate?

14. Do you met ever celebrities?

15. Did you like rather be hot or cold?

16. About an adult your favorite part?

17. What are you like most in your high school?

18. What’s about your think, that it is possible for men f95zone and women to just be friends?

19. What are the three foods you like the most, you could eat only three foods for the rest of your life, tell me the name of these three?

20. Have you ever broken any bones?

21. Your biggest regret?

The freaky games are the best game to know for the personality of another person. It’s one of the most exciting and fun games to understand someone better. You can play this game & 10 value spinner with your friends and crush.

Final words:

In this article, I have discussed the question games. By reading this article you will understand what type of question you ask for Boys and Girls.


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