Subtle Power and Benefits of Behavioral Alteration and Identity Change


Change in identity perception can have a dramatic effect on one’s future actions. It doesn’t mean you need to join some witness protection program or CIA or adopt a changed ego. It means to change the way you perceive yourself. If you are in need to live an entirely new life, then contact the new identity service Amicus. 

Subtle changes in your behavior for empowerment 

Start to recognize the behavior you desire to change or eliminate. For example, during stress smokers always need a cigarette but non-smokers never think about smoking. It means quitting cigarettes is hard for smokers because they feel constrained. To succeed at quitting cigarettes you need to accept and tell others that you are a non-smoker. 

Telling yourself and even others that no one can distract you empowers you to overcome distraction. It is a technique that helps to change your behavior related to anything including distraction management, treating others, or eating habits. Remember, self-image is flexible…..thinking in a specific manner is a habit, which can be altered for the better.

Subtle benefits of identity change

  • You will see behavioral change or stop doing things that you used to do.
  • You will adopt the behavior you desired like if you wanted a shift to stop playing video games or become a vegan then you will pursue it diligently.
  • Things you would otherwise debate mentally will not be so challenging or stressful. You struggle less daily.
  • You start to gain a mentality that you can alter anything and are not constrained like you used to be previously. 

Tips to alter your behavior and see identity change

Once your identity was a non-vegetarian but you altered that habit and now there is a change in your identity. You are perceived as a vegetarian or a vegan. It means altering your behavior or habit and seeing an identity change. Here are some crucial pointers to transforming into a new identity.

  • Identity can be changed unintentionally but doing it intentionally works better. 
  • Set up visual reminders to start taking action intentionally, after identifying the changes you desire in your behavior. 
  • Stick to the new version and act accordingly. Perceive yourself as the new person, feel it inside. Doing action is a physical thing but you need to mentally think about it.
  • Appreciate yourself. Visit the past journey or bumps to see what you were then and compare it with your changes. Feel it happening and slap your back that you are doing a great task. 
  • You can falter thinking about your new version but it is natural. It happens to everyone. Even a person, who is habitual, can miss a couple of days. However, they don’t give up but start doing things habitually. They never give up even after some days of disruption. Never consider disruption as evidence you will never change, but approach disruption positively. 

Identity shift is fluid and can be altered as necessary, intentionally. 

For total identity change, you can approach Amicus International Consulting. They are experienced in helping clients create a fresh legal alternative identity including birth certificate, second passport, insurance number, credit cards, etc. Give them a call!

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