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Tadalafil and Sildenafil

High-Quality Generic Cialis & Viagra UK

Impotence is one of the most depressing things for a man and sadly, many men suffer from it. However, the good news is that there is treatment for erectile dysfunction and many men who have used it are enjoying great nights and sex sessions with their partners. The secret to this twist is high-quality generic Cialis and Viagra. These two medications are available if you live in the UK or in any part of the world. Viagra comes in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg of sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in the drug. Cialis comes with 10mg and 20mg of tadalafil. It is important to note that the two medications are PDE-5 Inhibitors. 

How Do You Take These Drugs? 

If you are using Viagra, doctors will recommend a dose of 50 mg, as you need it an hour before sex. It is also possible to take it thirty minutes to four hours before you have sex. Doctors normally advise that you take this dose only once a day.

 If Viagra does not give you the desired results, your doctor may recommend that your dosage is increased to a maximum of 100 mg. If the doctor believes it overwhelms your body, they can reduce it to 25 mg. 

The two medications can be used with or without food, but be careful of eating fatty food or a heavy meal before using Viagra. It can slow down the absorption of Viagra into the system.

When you are using these two medications, it is recommended that you do not take these drugs multiple times a day as they will not give you maximum results; adhere to your doctor’s recommendations.

When administering Cialis, doctors recommend that you swallow this tablet complete; do not crush or chew it. Viagra can be broken or chewed but still achieve the same effectiveness.

These medications are taken in two ways: as needed or once daily. Cialis gives you the erection and sexual ability that lasts for up to 36 hours. If you choose this way, you may try to engage in sexual activity at any time after taking the doses.

If you are using medication that contains nitric oxide, it is recommended that you do not take Cialis and Viagra. 

In most instances, the dosage depends on how your body responds and whether there is any medication you are taking. It important to tell your doctor about other medications you are taking and they’ll determine how you take it, whether as needed or at a particular time of the day, daily. You are advised to follow your doctor’s recommendations. 

When using these drugs, the dosage differs. Some groups of people require adjustments, for example, men older than 65 years can only take 25gm of Viagra. 

Your doctor must know your medical history if you intend to use Viagra and Cialis UK approved brands. If you have suffered from stroke in the past six months, heart problems, liver disease, kidney disease, high or low blood pressure, your doctor may need to reduce your dosage.

How Do These Medications Work?

Erection ensues when the flow of blood to the penis increases. Since these drugs are administered orally, once you swallow the tablet, it is absorbed into your system. Gradually, the drug relaxes the blood vessels in your penis. The relaxation causes more blood to flow into your penis, which causes an erection. An erection will normally occur once you are sexually aroused, for example, through foreplay. This increases blood flow to the penis so that you get and maintain an erection. Some men have indicated that within an hour of taking the 10mg Cialis tablet, they can form an erection and not have to be concerned about losing rigidity. 

What Are the Possible Side Effects of Cialis and Viagra?

All drugs may cause side effects to some people. Viagra and Cialis may cause mild side effects; however, these are manageable and not life-threatening. Some users of Cialis and Viagra have said that the side effects are so minimal and they’re not even worth mentioning. They include chest pains, nausea, and excessive sweating. In addition, while you are keen to get an erection, it’s likely that it may last longer than you want it to. There is no need for alarm when this and other undesirable effects occur; they will subside with time. If they do persist – which is rare- see your doctor. 

Do I Have to Take Precautions When Using These Medications? 

If you are using Cialis, its Tadalafil can cause a severe drop in your blood pressure if it is used with nitrates. The drop may result in dizziness or fainting. If you are using these medications, it is recommended that you do not drive or operate machinery as it may affect your judgement. Also, do not take alcohol while on these medications. In addition, only alter the dosage following the advice of your doctor. 

Buy ED Pills Online in the UK

The two medications are highly recommended by men and we have helped many of them to get Cialis and Viagra UK approved medicines that have been a game changer for their sex lives. Viagra and Cialis have solved the problem of erections that quickly die. 

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