The Benefits of Arts-Based Summer Camps


Summer is a magical time filled with warm, sunny days and outdoor activities. But for many kids, summer can also be a time of boredom and disinterest. The lack of structure and the dwindling interest in schoolwork can result in a lackluster summer for students who are looking for something to do. Fortunately, there are many arts-based summer camps and Winter Art Camps that provide just the right balance between schoolwork and fun to keep kids motivated. Here are some of the benefits of arts-based summer camps.

Brain Boost

Arts-based summer camps for kids generally fall into one of four categories: drama or theater; music; visual arts; and dance. These categories offer different benefits that appeal to most children. Kids who have experienced drama or theater camps benefit from an introduction to performing, confidence-building, and creative imagination. The creative process is emphasized in all art-based summer camps, but it is especially true for drama or theater camps where kids are working on creating a whole play.

Music camps are fun for children of all ages. Not only are music camps great for kids who are musically inclined or want to learn how to play an instrument, but they can also help shy or introverted children find their voice. Such art-based activities can help with brain development. Case studies have suggested that arts-based camps are nearly as effective as traditional retreats for kids – especially when it comes to developing creative thinking skills.


Summer camps, by their very nature, provide a social environment for children to spend their days. While some students dread the thought of summer camp because it means they have to spend more time away from home and with people they don’t know, they often discover that summer camp is actually fun and an excellent way to meet new friends. Even the most introverted child will likely come out of his shell at some point during a typical day at summer camp.

Making friends can be hard for any child. But for kids who are shy or disengaged, it’s even harder. Some kids lack the confidence to approach peers they don’t know or might feel uncomfortable around. Arts-based summer camps are a great way to help introverted kids make new friends because it encourages them to be more outgoing and interact with other children their own age. The arts are an excellent way to break down barriers between children because it’s less threatening than other activities.

A Chance to Play

Many young children enjoy art because it’s creative and can produce wonderful results. As kids get older, they often become more focused on the end result and lose sight of the process. An arts-based summer camp can help a child who is overly concerned with outcomes return to a more holistic way of looking at art that incorporates both the process and the finished product.

Arts-based summer camps also give children a chance to play in a way that they may not get to do during the school year. With all the focus on academics, many children are left with little time to just be kids. Arts-based summer camps can help students get back in touch with their playful side.

New Discoveries

Spending the day at summer camp isn’t like a regular school day. It’s more relaxed and exciting, and each day is filled with new discoveries. Kids will spend their days learning about history or art or music, but it won’t feel like school because there won’t be tests and there may not even be homework. 

The curriculum of an arts-based summer camp is different from the typical academic summer camp because it’s centered on teaching kids through play rather than through rote memorization or lectures.

Other Benefits

Academics are clearly important during the school year, but they aren’t the only important thing. Getting back to your child’s original interests and trying new things is essential for overall well-being and brain development. It’s also an opportunity for adults to encourage children to stretch themselves and try something new. Sometimes, kids need the opportunity to try something they might otherwise avoid.

Summer camps are great for helping kids learn new skills and develop new interests, which can be carried over into the school year. They also help parents spend time with their children in a fun way. Ultimately, all of these things lead to happy children with productive summer experiences that will benefit them throughout their lives.

The benefits of arts-based summer camps are many. They allow children who would otherwise be uninterested in summer to experience something that they might not otherwise try. Kids who are reluctant about spending time away from school might find themselves looking forward to attending camp because it’s chock-full of fun activities that are centered on their individual interests. 

Arts-based summer camps can help develop creative thinking skills, encourage socialization, spark an interest in the arts and foster a sense of curiosity in children. Ultimately, any child who is offered the opportunity to attend an arts-based summer camp should take advantage of it.

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