The Benefits of Driving a Stick Shift: Why You Should Learn Manual Transmission

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The manual transmission, or stick shift, is a beloved choice for many driving enthusiasts. Despite the increasing prevalence of automatic vehicles, learning to drive a stick shift offers lots of benefits that extend beyond mere nostalgia. Here are several compelling reasons why you should consider learning to drive a manual transmission.

Enhanced Driving Experience

Greater Control

There are several new cars on the market, including the new Subaru for sale, that offer manual transmission as an option. Driving a manual transmission provides a more direct connection between the driver and the vehicle. You control gear changes, allowing for more precise management of speed and power. This can be particularly beneficial in challenging driving conditions such as snow, ice or steep inclines.

Improved Vehicle Handling

The need to actively engage with the gear shift and clutch enhances your awareness of the vehicle’s performance. This heightened sensitivity to the car’s responses can improve your overall handling skills and make you a more attentive driver.

Engaging Driving

For many, the tactile engagement of shifting gears and the rhythmic coordination of clutch and throttle create a more enjoyable and immersive driving experience. It transforms driving from a routine task into an active, engaging activity.

Performance and Efficiency

Better Fuel Economy

Manual transmissions can offer better fuel efficiency compared to their automatic counterparts, especially in older vehicles. With manual control over gear selection, you can optimize fuel consumption by shifting gears more efficiently.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Generally, manual transmissions are simpler and more robust than automatics. They have fewer moving parts and are less prone to certain types of wear and tear, which can result in lower maintenance and repair costs over the life of the vehicle.

Enhanced Performance

Manual transmissions often allow for quicker acceleration and better performance. The ability to choose the optimal gear for the situation means you can extract more power and efficiency from the engine when needed.

Practical Advantages


Knowing how to drive a stick shift can be a valuable skill, especially if you find yourself needing to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission in an emergency or while traveling abroad. In many countries, manual vehicles are more common than automatics.

Increased Vehicle Options

Some vehicles, particularly sports cars and certain off-road models, are only available with manual transmissions. Learning to drive a stick shift broadens your range of options when purchasing a vehicle.

 A Deeper Connection to Your Car

Whether you are a car enthusiast seeking a more engaging drive, someone looking to expand their driving skills or a driver who appreciates the mechanical connection to their vehicle, mastering the manual transmission can be a rewarding endeavor.

Embracing the challenge of driving a manual transmission makes you a more versatile driver and provides a deeper connection to the art of driving. So, if you haven’t yet experienced the thrill of shifting gears and feeling the direct response of the car, consider taking the time to learn this valuable skill. The benefits make it a worthwhile investment in your overall driving proficiency.


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