The Five Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You to Know


Every single industry has its inner workings that you aren’t meant to know. And even among the most experienced players, there are still tons of mysteries about casinos that they wonder about. For instance, how exactly do most games pay out and are casinos really rigging games to win eventually?

Here are the 5 secrets that may surprise you about casinos, according to popular online betting site casino Midas.

Slots Use Musical Keys That Are Soothing 

If there’s one group of people that take casinos more seriously than others, it’s the slot players among us. They do not mess around when it comes to their favorite games, sometimes spending hours at the same machine in hopes of finally hitting the jackpot.

But there’s a very little-known secret about slot games that most people would never guess. It’s that the musical keys on slot games have the same base notes that keep you playing for longer. The reasoning behind this is to make the overall soundtrack of a casino, with all the different games going at once bearable. Which in turn does not repel you and make you leave as a result of being annoyed by clashing sounds. 

The Night Dealers are Usually Faster

For some this is a personal preference, if you’re somebody that likes the game to go as fast as possible, then you probably enjoy the casino more at night than in the day. Have you ever noticed that your bankroll tends to stretch a little longer when playing in the daytime? That’s because the slower dealers are usually put on that shift, whereas at night, the dealers are faster to close the tables quicker.  

More Deaths Happen in Casinos Than You Would Think 

According to Reddit, many former casino employees report tragic deaths occurring right inside the casino. Which makes sense since many frequent casino visitors are elderly and it’s a highly charged environment emotionally. Sometimes the thrill of winning a huge jackpot or experiencing a devastating loss can be too much. Triggering health concerns like strokes and heart attacks.

Sometimes Dealers Do Not Actually See Their Cards

To avoid dealers displaying their tells (emotional responses to their hands) some games have a protocol where the dealer does not actually see the cards they have received. For example, in the game of blackjack, the dealer scans their card in a reader which tells them whether they have blackjack or not. And only then are the cards revealed. So, if you’re hoping to get a hint as to what the outcome will be by carefully watching the dealer’s face, you may not find it helpful at all.

Card Counting is Not Illegal

While card-counting is not exactly accepted in a casino, it’s not exactly illegal either. But only as long as you are operating alone and using nothing but your brain power. After all, at this point, it’s not more than thinking, which cannot be illegal. 

However, exercise caution if you have this skill, because the more you win inside a casino, the more closely you are being watched.

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