Construction Overview: The Importance of Land Mapping in Sonoma

Importance of Land Mapping in Sonoma

There are a lot of reasons why you want to map your land. You might be planning on selling your plot of land, or you want to build something. You are going to need to map the area so that everything would go according to plan and you could avoid complications. You could get a land mapping service in Sonoma County, CA to help you with your mapping needs. 

What is Land Mapping and How Does it Work?

Land mapping would be able to give you an idea of the whole variety of the readouts and the data for your project. 

The tentative or sitemaps are the maps that would be for when you are planning on doing a proposed subdivision project. This type of map would be submitted to the local planning agency where they are going to study the map and see whether they would approve it or not. 

The parcel map, on the other hand, is an official map that would show the subdivision of the land and would have some designated remainder. This map shows the property lines, monuments, and easements that are set by the Professional Land Surveyor. This is to show the location of the parcels and how it is related to the surrounding surveys,

What are Things That Land Maps Should Have?

1. Symbolization

The symbolism that you choose to use for your map could make or break it. From the colors you use and icons to the width of the lines and the labeling, everything is important because this could affect the readability of your map overall. 

When you are picking the symbols, you have to consider who is going to be reading and using your map, and why are you making it in the first place.

2. Geographic bounds

In making a map, you are going to have to make sure that the geographical bounds are there and that they are clear because this would really affect the cartographic choices that people would choose for their projects because they are going to be using the data and symbolism as a guide. 

3. Background data elements

Including the background data elements on the map is incredibly important because these elements would stand as a support for whatever you are using the map for, and it could also provide the orientation of the surrounding areas. This includes the point of interest, cities, and streets. 

4. Labels

Though it may be tempting to add labels on everything, you need to learn to limit it because adding too much could make the map look cluttered and be more confusing instead of making the map clear. 

Make sure that the labels do not overlap and cover each other. And they should also not overlap bodies of water. The labels that you use should be used sparingly and just show major points of interest.

5. Legend

Though there are labels and such, adding a legend would make the map much more legible and lessen the clutter on your map, making it so much easier to understand. You could use color to help with this, but you also have to make sure that you would be able to tell them apart just by the naked eye.

6. Metadata

You make a map to document all of the data so everything you have in there should have a reason and should be helpful to the person who is looking at your map. Metadata includes the datum that was used and map projection. Having this would be a map enhancer, for sure.

7. Map layout

The placement of every element that you have in your map and the orientation of your map affects the visual appeal of the map that you are making.

8. Locator map

It is always helpful to add the locator of the map, though it’s okay not to include this when you are making the map for a specific audience. But you could add a smaller inset map in the corner to add more context.

What is The Importance of Proper Land Mapping?

Maps are much more important and have a lot more benefits than many people do realize. Since maps could have so many layers, they would be able to show all of these different aspects of the specific land that you are viewing, making it easier to find what you are looking for and to plan what you are planning for. 

Maps would be able to show the aerial imagery from above, water features, soil, flood, streets, and the whole contour of the area. This is especially important when you are planning on selling your land and when you are planning on making any kind of construction project. 


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