The Most Expensive Asian Wedding Dresses


Asian weddings have always been popular for the extravagant celebration of one of the most memorable times in a person’s life. Vibrant colours, the joy of celebrations and the anticipation of everything good highlight every Asian wedding. However, you can ask any Asian wedding photographer about the most important highlight in an Asian, or particularly an Indian wedding, and they would point towards the bride’s dress. In the past, many Asian wedding dresses have made headlines for their unreal prices. Let us find out more about some of the most expensive Asian wedding dresses and what makes them special. 

Top Expensive Asian Wedding Dresses

If you are looking for a wedding videographer in London for an Asian wedding, then you must have an idea about the type of wedding dress you want to wear. Interestingly, you would find many of the entries among expensive Asian wedding dresses from Indian weddings. Here are the top picks among the highest-priced Asian wedding dresses. 

The Traditional Lehenga

Celebrity designer, Sati Takhar, created one of the most expensive Asian wedding dresses in 2015. She designed a lehenga, the traditional skirt and top outfit, generally seen in Asian weddings. The extravagant appeal of the dress doubled up with the diamonds encrusted in it. Priced at over 100,000 British pounds, the dress was put on display at an Asian Wedding Show in London. The dress featured a flared skirt and strapless corset along with an ornately designed veil. 

Kanjeevaram Saree of Aishwarya Rai

If you ask any Sikh wedding photography service provider, they will tell you about the elegance of Indian wedding dresses. Bollywood celebrity Aishwarya Rai stunned everyone on her wedding day in a traditional yellow and gold Kanjeevaram saree. The saree designed by Neeta Lulla brought some magnificence to the table and undoubtedly introduced a new trend in wedding dresses. Her saree featured finishing with Swarovski crystals alongside the golden-thread work making the outfit more expensive. 

Isha Ambani’s Wedding Dress

The next entry among expensive Asian wedding dresses you can find is the wedding dress of Isha Ambani. Daughter of Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest persons in India, Isha adorned a stunning lehenga priced at 90 crores INR. Any wedding videographer in London cannot help but admire the design of Isha Ambani’s wedding lehenga. Studded with floral panels and the finest embroidery work, the wedding dress of Isha Ambani is undoubtedly an elegant example of a wedding dress. 

Shilpa Shetty Wedding Saree

Shilpa Shetty, another popular Bollywood celebrity, also dressed up in one of the dream wedding outfits for any Asian wedding photographer for its amazing aesthetic. Her wedding saree was designed by Tarun Tahiliani and cost a massive 50 lakhs INR. The red saree featured uncut diamonds, Kundan jewellery and emeralds for a gorgeously extravagant look. 

Sonam Kapoor’s Wedding Lehenga

If you are looking for Sikh wedding photography in London, then you are most likely to draw a lot of inspiration from Bollywood. Sonam Kapoor showed the extravagance of Indian weddings in the best way with her wedding lehenga. Priced at around 90 lakhs INR, it is obviously one of the costliest Asian wedding dresses till date. 

Final Words

Traditional Asian wedding photography is incomplete without highlighting the extravagant elements in wedding dresses. The lehenga or sarees studded with jewelry and crystal embellishments might seem over the top for some. However, the sheer magnificence of such dresses never goes out of fashion.  

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