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Several highly respected secondary schools may be found in and near Clavon. Nan Hua Middle and High Schools, as well as NUS Mathematics and Science High School, are located directly across the street. In addition, there are various colleges, universities, and foreign schools in the area, which should spark the interest of any prospective buyer. Read more about Kingdom valley islamabad location map.

One elementary school, Pei Tong Primary School, is now deemed to be within one kilometre of Clavin, although before there were two. As a result, prospective buyers should be informed of this. In any case, this isn’t a deal-breaker for families with children who are already in elementary school or who are about to begin their schooling at that level. Clavin will be completed in 2025, making it an excellent choice for people who want to reside in a community with many excellent schools after secondary school.

As a point of information, the condominium complex includes a childcare facility that will accept pupils from both condo residents and non-residents.

There are several accessible MRT stations in the area, not simply the Clementi MRT station.

This will be a fiercely disputed topic due of Clavon’s close vicinity to Clementi Town Centre and Clementi MRT, which can be reached in 12 minutes on foot or 5 minutes with the bus. The AYE is also close by, which may make it appear unfavourable at first appearance to individuals who want easy access to public transportation.

As you can see, the AYE is not merely a route for motorists. It also serves other purposes. There are bus stops within a few feet of Clavon’s side gate, from which you can access no fewer than six different bus routes. You will be at the National University of Singapore, one-North and Buona Vista, International Business Park, Mapletree Business City and Harbourfront in less than two minutes, thanks to the AYE, which is an extremely quick bus route. They are taking advantage of the AYE as a shortcut (20 to 25 minutes).

The clavon condominium’s amenities include: It is denoted by the sign ura on the ura master plan map B/S, which represents a bus stop. Within 150 metres of Clavon, there are two kopitiams where residents may receive quick, inexpensive, and delectable meals. Take, for example, the URA Master Plan (markups by 99. co)

On days when there is little traffic, Bus 97 provides a 30- to 40-minute direct route to the downtown core. It is highly recommended that travellers who live their lives in and around Western countries read the material offered above. Property investors may be attracted to Clavin because of its excellent public transportation system.

It is important to note that a new Bus 189 bus stop will be established outside the development’s side gate, giving residents with quick access to Clementi Town Centre, the MRT, and Bukit Batok. (In the previous artist’s depiction, the new bus stop can be seen at the bottom of the page.)

In the real estate industry, the higher-floor condos at Clavon Clementi , which provide panoramic views of the south coast, are the stuff of legend among developers and real estate professionals alike. These are the views available to those who live in the penthouse suite on the top floor, which includes:

The view from the roof of Clavon’s penthouse flat, which faces south. Visit Huttons to learn more about their products.

New HDB housing is also built to the same height as the Clavon buildings, which are located close to the north. As a result, the majority of the north-facing units in this complex have restricted or non-existent views of the surrounding landscape. Dairy Farm Lane in District 23 is the site of the brand new Dairy Farm Residences, which is part of an integrated development. Upon entering the precinct, one is met by an environment that is devoid of distractions. The openness of this haven is accentuated even more by its vast land area of 211,487 square feet, which contributes to its overall openness.

Residences on Dairy Farms

As a result, the concept of Dairy Farm Residences was formed, which represents the completion of a life’s full circle of events. The combination of these three components allows residents to take advantage of the countless opportunities that living in this area provides them. Nature and retail are both extremely important to me. Home.

The construction of Dairy Farm Residences, a mixed-use property, has commenced! If you’re interested in learning more about integrated development, you may do so here.

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