The Ultimate Guide for families to find the perfect house in Thane


Searching for the perfect house for your family is undoubtedly the most tedious. Finding a home that checks all the boxes is no cakewalk. Deciding upon reputed schools, top-notch health facilities, and a safe neighbourhood, among other considerations, are significant when finding the perfect house. Thane is one such city that has attracted innumerable families to its luxurious flats. 

In the past couple of years, Thane has recorded significant growth and development. The progress is evident in terms of the economy and infrastructure. It also is home to one of the largest malls in India.

Property purchase and renting are crucial decisions. Thus, if you want a flat for rent in Thane, there are a few things you might want to consider before you make a choice. 

1. Social Infrastructure 

Thane belongs to the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), which has shown incredible growth and prospect for future developments on many fronts. Its entertainment centres, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and parks make it a top choice for residential purposes. It also offers varied options for luxury or casual dining. The restaurants and cafes in the city are highly sought-after. 

Since the city has shopping malls and restaurants fitting a budget of any kind, people find Thane exceptional for residential requirements. Thane is naturally blessed when it comes to lush surroundings. In addition to the already existing scenic beauty, it has two immensely magnificent botanical gardens that are a sight to behold. 

2. Connectivity Is A Crucial Consideration 

Thane’s commercial, real estate, and residential projects have displayed skyrocketing progress blowing off the charts. It is a clear sign of the prospects of steady and healthy growth in the future as well. The highlight of its routes remains the Ghodbunder road which runs for 20km. It is the link between the east-west expressway. 

Needless to say, the route cuts down on the commute time of office-goers and school-going children manifold. There are several 1 BHK flats for rent in Thane near this route, renting which can reduce the time you spend travelling considerably. When renting a flat, ensure that all essential services are in close proximity so you can conveniently stay.

3. Keep Your Budget In Mind

No one likes to pay even a penny more for something acquirable at a comparatively lower price. The same goes for renting a flat. Thane, in recent years, has witnessed a steep surge in the number of families flocking to the city for residential purposes. Its competent facilities fitting budgets of all natures are a big plus for people looking to move here. 

Due to the constant development recorded in Thane, property prices will likely note a steep rise soon. A 1 BHK flat for rent in Thane is acquirable for a budget ranging between INR 10,000 to INR 26,000. Nestaway offers its customers various eye-catching offers like zero deposit. One can also avail of 7 or 15 days rent-free offers on their website. 

4. Make Safety A Priority 

Concerns about safety and security make it at the top of the priority list when looking for a flat to rent for your family. A property that promises security and has surveillance cameras installed generously provides a sense of safety to its residents. 

Accommodations provided by premium house rentals like Nestaway ensure modern security systems throughout their properties in Thane that make it a good pick for families. Several other security measures are taken by such houses for rent to keep their tenants from harm’s way. Installed fire extinguishers and alarms are a must-have. With a nearby police station, residents are free from any worries.

5. Opt For A Reputed Builder

Another prime aspect demanding due weightage is the reputation of the property builder. When you rent or buy a property from a reputed builder, you negate the chances of any drawbacks or cons of your purchase. A renowned builder is key to a top-tier experience at a rental property.

They make it a point to include all necessary services to its residents nearby without hassle. Whether you want a balcony overlooking a blooming garden, or a modern gym with updated equipment, a reputed builder will cater to all the needs of its tenants. 

Thus, when renting a flat in Thane, one must research enough about the builder as one does for the accommodation itself. It will ensure that you get a sound return on your investment and have the best facilities at your disposal at competitive rates. 


Finding a house on rent for your family in Thane is a hassle-free job in today’s world. A simple look-up online saying “rental houses near me” can guide your search in the right direction. Still not sure which house to rent in Thane? Visit Nestaway to provide you with quality services to narrow your search and lead you to the perfect home for your family.

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