The Ultimate Guide to Video translation


In old times, videos were considered only a source of entertainment, but with time it has become an important tool for the digital world. 

Whether it’s a personal function or a corporate function, people upload their videos on social media and the entire world can view them in seconds. On average, people are viewing 5 billion clips per day.

Moreover, YouTube has become the second-largest search engine on the internet. Videos are visual with an audio component. People love to watch videos if they are translated into their native languages. 

It provides a great opportunity for marketers to market their products through this medium, but for this, they must go for video translation services.  

Otherwise, they will not be able to reach the potential customers at the right time and competitors can take advantage of it.

Why Companies Should Translate Videos

Corporate videos are very essential for companies that have to compete in the fiercely competitive world.  The videos are of great significance for you, if you want to hit the global audience. 

Developing and releasing the videos takes a lot of time. Moreover, some companies hire top-notch celebrities in their videos to appeal to people. 

What is the use of spending so much money on videos if people are not able to understand them? Don’t worry, you can go for video translation solutions to tap into global markets.

Video translation is not only important for an external world, but it is equally important for internal customers. Internal customers are the employees of the company.

At present, many global companies have opened their subsidiaries in foreign countries. To promote the shared company culture with the subsidiaries, the companies need to translate their corporate videos into the language that employees understand. 

If you provide translated video to your employees, then they will understand the objective of the company and will work collectively towards attaining the company’s objective.

Video translation services give meaning to the content of the video by translating it into different languages. Your company can connect with a wider audience in no time.

People will start recognizing your brand and start associating it with videos. Sometimes jingles used in videos become so famous that people recognize your products and services with them.

According to a survey result, 42% of consumers are of the view that they don’t purchase products and services if they are not provided to them in the language that they understand.  

Language plays an important role in the selling of your products and services.  If you don’t go for video translation solutions, then it will restrict your earnings.

Video are Used for Employees Training

To keep up with the fast-paced world, it is very important to keep oneself updated on the latest technology and trends that are prevailing in global business.  For this purpose, many companies are spending a large amount of money on the training and development of the employees. 

Due to uncertain situations because of Covid-19, people are restricted to their homes. Most of the companies have asked their employees to work from home.  While going digital, global companies keep on giving online training to their employees. 

You must be wondering how they can deliver the training to the employees speaking different languages. 

They give training through video presentations, and these videos are translated into the language that the employees understand.

Translated videos can play an important role in the growth and development of your company. It can enhance learning, employee retention, and engagement. 

It also becomes easy for you to share information about your company, no matter in which part of the world they are working. It is pivotal for global companies to make important information accessible to employees. 

Providing all the information in employees’ native language will increase the employee morale and will make them productive for your company.

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Add Subtitles to Your Videos

The first thing that you need to do for video translation and subtitle the video is to develop the subtitles. For this, you have to write the things that are said in the video and then transfer them with the help of the video editor to the respective video. 

The other way to develop the subtitle of your game is to use an online tool called Dotsub. It will help you to add subtitles to your video in the language of your choice in a few clicks. 

This is the best tool for beginners to learn the art of adding subtitles to their videos. The best thing to know about this is that subtitles are added easily to the videos, and you will come across many other tools that will help you in this regard. 

At first, you will get confused in finding the right tool, but with time you can use the right tool to your advantage.

Translating Subtitles in Other Languages

After developing the subtitles, the next step is to translate them into the language that the target audience can understand. If you are a polyglot, then you will not find any difficulty in translating videos in different languages. 

For this, you can learn how to translate subtitles by watching some YouTube videos. For instance, if you want to translate movie subtitles for the Chinese target market then you can get a video subtitle translator online, they will not charge you anything.

The other option is to hire a Chinese professional translation agency. Here you should know this point, that machine subtitles can not always provide you accurate results as compared to a human translator. However, machine translation is beneficial for you if you need to translate a large video.

If you want to translate the content in a language that you don’t speak, then you must look for a video translator. Such  translator should be proficient in the languages in which you want to translate your videos. 

It becomes difficult to translate the video in a different language if you know only one language. No worries. Many translation services are available in the market, they can give your video translation project to a professional script translator who can professionally translate your video.

Voice-over Translations

With voice-over translation, global companies have to go a step ahead of on-screen translation. Voice-over translation helps people to hear the videos in the language that they understand. 

This is the best part of video translation services as it makes your video message reach the target market. The important thing to keep in mind in voice-over translation is keeping up the pace with tone. 

For this reason, you should take the help of professional native speakers. They know the important voice-over techniques and come up with the final version of the video that feels native to the target audience.

Wrapping Up

It is an important saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Videos are the amalgamation of picture and voice. Investing in video translation is worth it. Digital world is full of videos. 

Therefore, you should translate videos accurately so that you can convey your corporate message to the crowded world in a better way. Corporate communication has become quicker and easier with video translation solutions.


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