These 15 PTE Preparation Tips Will Help You Clear the Test


You apply for the PTE exam, find preparation materials on the internet, and, you start preparing for the Exam.  

This is where most of the test-takers take a wrong turn. 

Applying for PTE and directly jumping onto preparing for it shows how serious you are to clear the exam. But preparing arbitrarily will only leave you confused and frustrated. 

And most importantly, it makes you anxious on the test day. Believe it, it is not a situation that you would want to put yourselves in. 

Stop worrying about what you have to do to excel in the four sections of the PTE test. 


There is more that you need to do off-the-books. 

Follow these PTE Tips to attempt the PTE exam without any worries:  

  1. Even before you start your preparation and set a goal for yourself, you need to believe that you can clear the PTE exam. Self-belief will get the half job done for you. 
  1. You need to target a realistic and practical PTE score. If possible, know what score is required for fulfilling the requirements of the visa type you are applying for. 
  1. Before you make any plans, you must know your level of English language skills. Assess yourself. Take a scored test that gives you a detailed assessment of your strength and weaknesses. Your PTE Study should depend on this. 
  1. Now prepare a PTE study plan that is balanced and focuses not only on improving your weaknesses, but also the other tasks. Your preparation plan should have equal time for preparing each section. 
  1. Stick to the plan that you prepare. Even if you feel that you have your strengths to prepare for the day. Do it. Do not skip your PTE preparation plan. 
  1. Remember, your PTE Preparation cycle doesn’t have room only for preparation. You need to stop in between to assess yourself. Use the ‘Test-Practice-Test’ method to assess yourself timely. Keep taking the test until you are left with a week for taking up the test. 
  1. To boost your language skills, you need to go deep into practising it. And the best way is to communicate in the English language as much as possible. 
  1. Unlike, the other test takers do not practice at a secluded place. Practice in chaos, so that you are not surprised when you take the test at the test center. 
  1. Inculcate the habit of taking notes. Take notes when listening to podcasts, or shows that you can find the transcript for. Do that, and assess yourself for accuracy. Also, make notes of the mistakes you make and make sure you do not repeat any mistake twice. 
  2. And to improve your Oral fluency, Pronunciation, and to keep your accent natural record  
  3. yourselves. Listen to the recording and assess yourself for the word and sentence stress and flow. 
  1. While working on your grammar you must focus on tenses, articles, prepositions, intonation and more. 
  1. Do not learn the meaning and synonyms of a word and leave. It will not improve your vocabulary. Instead, learn a word, know its meaning, its synonym and write at least 2-3 sentences including that word. And the easiest way to empower your vocab is to learn the words topic-wise. 
  1. You must have a list of the scores that you achieved in each mock test/ the PTE practice test, a list of all the words that you have learnt, and the tips to crack each task. 
  1. Spend your last week of PTE preparation only to revise for the PTE Exam. 
  1. You must also master your time management skills. Decide how much time you can afford to give each task. Do not make the mistake of spending a lot of time answering the task that doesn’t contribute heavily to your overall PTE score

What to do a day before the PTE-A Exam? 

All you need to do a day before the PTE-A exam is prepare yourselves about how not to get anxious during the exam. You need to keep calm, and if you have taken a couple of PTE practice tests by now then you know what and how to do. 

Take proper rest a day before the exam; only take a look at the test format and re-read the instructions. Give the lists that you prepared a detailed read. 

And Please, do not overthink. You got it; you will do good in the exam. 

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