Things to Consider When You’re Adding Hair Foil to Your Salon or Business

Hair foils

Most people with dyed hair are big fanatics of hair foils because of their versatility in application and compatibility with different techniques. However, when running a salon business, you must keep up with the trends your customers like. When adding foil to your line of products, be keen on what you want because a single mistake could throw you off the track. From picking designs, satisfying customers and meeting your marketing goals, it could be pretty overwhelming. Once you have planned to add hair foil to your salon business, here are things you should consider.

1. Marketing Goals

When running a salon business, your practices and products can impact how your target market responds. For example, clients are more likely to become repeat customers when you make their hair look perfect. The hair products must also be of high quality and with no side effects to achieve the best results.

Therefore, when looking for aluminium hair foils to add to your business, you must consider your target market and how they will respond to the products. For example, they will likely cut business ties with you if they find them ineffective.

2. Highlighting Styles

There are various ways to highlight hair at the salon; balayage and using hair foil. While pondering whether to include foils, ask yourself what method of highlighting your customers prefer.

Aluminium hair foils are great because they are great heat conductors, resulting in deep highlights that penetrate the hair follicle. The foils are also safer because they protect the surrounding hairs from contact with the dye.

Balayage, on the other hand, is more of a freehand technique that involves painting colour directly into the hair. This colour blends well with the base colour, which is great without foils. However, the process starts from the root and does not work well for highlights.

3. Customer Preferences

When stocking hair foils for your business, you must ensure that your customers are comfortable with the product. Try to understand what your customers like and source products that directly meet their needs.

Foils come in different sizes and designs; the more creative you get, your customers will be willing to explore them. For example, designer hair foils come with distinct patterns and styles that are quite appealing. So, besides meeting your customer needs, you are sure your business is unique and ahead of the competition.

4. Available Budget

Sourcing products for your business means setting a budget for your supplies to maximise the ROI of your salon business. You must consider your budget when adding hair foils to your product inventory.

These foils are available in different types and sold at varying prices depending on the design, size and quantity. Hence, you must first understand the type of foils you want, calculate the costs and set a budget. Please mix a variety of foils that way, and you will always have solutions for different types of customers.

5. Types of Hair foils

Based on the clientele you serve, it is a great choice to have a variety of foils to select from. Having one type of foil may seem too monotonous and less exciting for adventurous clients. Hair dye application can take different forms, whether partial for application on parts of the head or full foil for application on the full head. Some types of foils to consider include;

  • Foil rolls

Foil rolls come in rolls and are usually longer. These apply hair dye on the entire head to accommodate all the hair within the foil. These foils can also be cut into pieces for smaller highlighting applications.

  • Pre-cut foil

Pre-cut foil is already cut into smaller shapes for easy dye applications. It saves time from cutting an entire roll into smaller pieces. These smaller sheets are also easy to dispose of and last longer than using rolls.

6. Environmental Sustainability

Your salon business should be environmentally friendly, and this means reducing wastage. For example, single-use hair foils will always end up in landfills, damaging the environment. Additionally, it becomes costlier to run your business because you will need to replenish your foil supply. Therefore, consider how to take care of the environment to save your business.

Certain hair foil brands use recycled aluminium to make their products. These foils are also recyclable, and you can repurpose them once you are done with them. As a result, you will save the environment while minimising wastage.

While there are many other factors to consider, like logistics and suppliers, there are crucial because they determine your business’ success. These tips work better for your marketing goals and can help you achieve your financial goals. Get in touch with hair foil suppliers and find the best option for your salon.  


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