Tips and Tricks for Newcomers to DayZ


DayZ is a well-known game for redefining what it means to be alive in the wild. It’s not easy for the players to keep going in the face of many obstacles and difficulties. There are specific strategies in DayZ that players can employ for as long as they want to survive. You’ll learn how to stay alive in the game with the help of this guide.

Helpful Hints and Advice for Newbies

1. Food

Being able to maintain a steady supply of food is essential. DayZ players will also benefit from this, as it will lower their energy levels and make it harder for them to defeat their enemies.

Always bring a sharp object with you when searching for food. You can use this to locate sources of food and livestock.

If you go looking for food, you might not even find it in the houses or on the streets.

Keep in mind that other people may have already gotten to the food supply areas, so you’ll need to be fast and careful when it comes to gathering your supplies and using them.

2. Thirst

It’s just as prime to keep hydrated as it is to eat. The player’s thirst, like hunger, diminishes over time, but if the player has recently engaged in combat, the process is accelerated. So it’s always a good plan to keep some fluids on hand if a player’s thirst is quenched by bleeding out.

It is possible to quench your thirst by drinking sodas such as Nota Cola, Spite Lemonade, and so on. In contrast, the healthiest beverage to consume is fresh, potable water. Therefore, a well is highly recommended for new players in each town they visit. For survival, wells are essential because they provide an inexhaustible supply of clean drinking water.

3. Loot

The more valuable the loot becomes, the farther the player travels into the wilderness. But, of course, the dangers that lurk within these private sanctuaries are no less real. Some common examples are tougher zombies or wandering bands of experienced gamers. Inland travel is thus a high-risk, high-reward strategy.

Because of this, beginners are advised to spend some time in the beginning area to get familiar with the game. For example, a backpack, a knife, a rifle, food, and water are essential for players who want to leave the beginning region as soon as possible and are prepared to leave.

4. Stat Bars

Players will benefit from keeping an eye on their stats in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Your remaining energy and any incurred damage are shown in these stat bars. Keeping an eye on your health bar is an effective way to prolong your life in this game.

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A low stat bar indicates that you have low blood levels. However, if you’re bleeding from any part of your body, use blood bags or saline to replace the critical component and bandages or rags to stop the bleeding. As a precaution, you should also keep some bandages on hand if you need them.

5. Killing Zombies

Avoiding zombies is the first step. If you have a weapon, it’s not difficult to take them out, but you run the risk of getting hurt or drawing unwanted attention to yourself. It’s easy for one zombie to start a chain reaction that draws in more zombies and players, and things can quickly get out of hand.

If you kill a zombie, don’t forget to check the corpse for valuables. Using the ‘vicinity’ check in your player inventory will show you nearby items, including those hidden in zombie pockets.


All zombies are drawn to the sound. They will follow you down if you run past them while they are still standing. Zombies will not pay attention to your commands if you are crouching or sprinting.

You can enter a building and close the door without alerting any nearby zombies because zombies cannot hear doors being opened or closed. If you can’t fight a zombie, the best option is to retreat inside and lock the door behind you. Zombie doors are impenetrable to them.

Zombies can be killed by using melee weapons. Only on rare occasions can a zombie be killed with a single strike from the Splitting Axe, Firefighter’s Axe, or Pickaxe.

7. Morphine

New players often overlook morphine injections because of their lack of knowledge about their benefits. For example, if they waste too much time looting Chernarus, they’ll break a leg. Unfortunately, a broken leg in this game puts the player in a prone position because they can’t walk, run, or even crouch.

Splinting the shattered limb can be done with wood, but injecting morphine is much more convenient. However, the item is significantly more valuable and cost-effective because it only takes up one slot in the inventory.

Even though the morphine injection can be used to treat broken arms, players are strongly advised to save it for their legs, as survivors who have broken legs will be unable to escape a conflict.


Every newbie to DayZ should be aware of these basic tips. However, a small practice can go a long way toward becoming an expert. It’s time to get started.

Being able to maintain a steady supply of food is essential. DayZ players will also benefit from this, as it will lower their energy levels and make it harder for them to defeat their enemies.

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