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Have you recently become pregnant? Are you trying for a baby? Well, whether it is your first time to give birth, or if you have given birth before, it is important for you to know what to expect. It can be a daunting thing to try for a baby. It is not easy. There are many things that you will encounter along the way. Therefore, many women fear the thought of childbirth. However, childbirth is a beautiful thing. Of course, there is discomfort involved. However, this is what makes the process more special. Women are incredible. They endure the struggles of pregnancy for 9 long months. They ensure all of this so that they can give life to another human being. If this is not the ultimate gift, then I do not know what is. Women should be praised for this in society. If you are a woman and you are about to embark on the journey of childbirth, this article will provide some information on what you can expect in the initial months and weeks.

The First Trimester

There are three stages of a pregnancy. These are known as the first, second, and third trimester. The first trimester is what we will be focussing on today. This stage lasts for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. It will see the mother through the first moments of the pregnancy, and it will result in some side effects that the mother should be aware of. 

What to Expect in the First Trimester?

The first trimester can be extremely uncomfortable for a pregnant woman. One of the most infamous side effects is morning sickness. A woman will feel nauseous in the mornings of these first few weeks. This sickness usually subsides after week 9. Therefore, it is advised that a woman at this stage consumes ginger. Ginger is good for nausea. To add to this, cramping while pregnant in the first trimester is a common symptom. These cramps can be sore and uncomfortable. The cramps may result in bloating. If the sore stomach was not enough, women will experience sore and tender breasts. The reason for this is that the breasts are changing physically. The breasts change in the first trimester to prepare for breastfeeding. It is recommended that women eat more protein in this stage of pregnancy. There are many sources of protein. This can be challenging if you are a vegetarian, but do not worry, there is much information at our disposal thanks to the Internet.

Trimester Transition

The first trimester lasts for 14 weeks. By the end of the period, you will transition into the second trimester. This will bring with it new symptoms. An example of this is that you will need more omega-3 fatty acids and your appetite will rise. Remember, you will be eating for two! Click here for more information that will aid you in your pregnancy.

Having a baby is an incredible experience. Despite being physically draining and mentally tough, it is one of the most rewarding and passionate things that we can do as women. Therefore, embrace the unknown of childbirth, you will be glad that you did.

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