Top 10 Pest Control Tips and Tricks to Keep Pests Away



The best way to a healthy life is by maintaining proper hygiene. Hygiene and pests are antonyms. Here we shall learn about pest control to check out more about Lubbock exterminator.

  1. Sealing of Gaps
  • Gaps are the hiding spot for most household pests. Especially in wetter or colder climates, such overlooked gaps become a place for pests to lay low inside.
  • It is best to seal these gaps by fixing nails, applying a sealant, or applying white cement. 
  1. Maintaining Screens
  • Screening, itself is not beneficial if the screens are not maintained. 
  • Cleaning the built-up dust and dirt will only allow fresh air to enter the house. 
  • Any holes or cavities in the screens should be repaired using meshes or net tape. Most insects will now be kept at bay. 
  1. Plant Herbs
  • The planting of herbs is an effective technique to keep many insects at bay.
  • If you plant saplings of lavender, asparagus, lemon grass, mint, and basil, their antibacterial properties will repel multiple pests. 
  • It is widely known that flies do not prefer the scent of lavender and lemon grass.
  1. Use Essential Oils
  • Essential oils from certain flowers and trees are perfect to reduce ants and flies in the house. 
  • Spraying essential oils is costly so you may choose to use a diffuser.
  • It will also help with aroma therapy.
  • Another thing that reduces flies from homes is Luboock exterminators.
  1. Ensure Waterproofing
  • Making your ceiling and walls waterproof is crucial. 
  • If water is allowed to seep into walls and furniture, multiple creepy crawlies will have a gala time. 
  • Centipedes and similar insects love damp areas to reside. 
  • Going for proper damp guard solutions makes it hard for pests to reside in your house.
  1. Clean Garbage Disposal
  • The garbage from households may not be toxic but the organic waste produced on daily basis needs to be disposed of.
  • However, the bins and trash cans need to be sanitized often to ensure there is no fungi or algae colonization which in turn attracts pests.
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Trap
  • Using apple cider vinegar to attract fruit flies is a cheeky idea.
  • Covering a can of cider vinegar with cellophane paper and piercing some holes in it will render it impossible for fruit flies to exit the bowl.
  1. Call Professionals
  • It is ideal to have professionals do their jobs of sanitizing the house. They have industrial solutions to problems.
  • Their experience will surely help reduce the control of pests quickly. You should look for Lubbock exterminators.
  1. Do Not Let Water Build Up
  • Stagnant and unclean water is a breeding ground for many insects. 
  • If you happen to have an aquarium, pool, or any water body, you must spray larvicides and clean such water often. 
  • Flip containers and dispensers often to prevent any stagnant water.
  1. Use Bleach
  • Bleach is a strong chemical. Use it with caution to clean surfaces.
  • Pests cannot survive bleach so diluting bleach to clean bathrooms is deemed effective.


Keeping pests away is the only way to ensure a tension-free household. Lubbock exterminators are always available.

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