Top 5 Shortest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time Ranked


In a business wherein wrestling businesses opt for wrestlers with remarkable physiques, some individuals defied these “unwritten” regulations and established to the arena that there’s more to wrestling than size. Click here

In the 60s, 70s, and 80s and into the 90s, wrestling favored wrestlers with athletic builds, as they suit the stereotypes predicted of wrestlers.

Additionally, legendary wrestlers along with Andre the Giant, Giant Baba, Yokozuna, and Haystacks Calhoun drew numbers, and wrestling promotions took notice.

Nevertheless, the cruiserweight division emerged in the overdue 90s which gave wrestlers a hazard to prove their worth.

Wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, Eddie Guerrero, Tyson Kidd, and many others proved that you may make it within the wrestling commercial enterprise while not having an athletic construct. We’ve rounded up the 15 shortest WWE wrestlers primarily based now not only on their top but also on their accomplishments and accolades in sports activities and amusement.

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5. Daniel Bryan: 5’10

After an impressive run on WWE’s developmental application NXT, Daniel Bryan could rightfully earn advertising to WWE’s primary roster.

Despite his small length, Daniel Bryan became very mind-blowing in the ring due to his technical skills and short questioning. Brian might establish the “Yes” motion, inspired completely by his signature chants.

His in-ring ethics, stunning mic capabilities, and potential to supply promos earned Bryan his first WWE Heavyweight Champion. To win the name, Bryan needed to defeat two skilled and set-up names in sports activities enjoyment, Randy Orton and Batista.

Because of his length, Daniel Bryan uses an alternatively specific fashion of wrestling that includes state-of-the-art submissions, superb maneuvers, and blistering moves.

4. Owen Hart: 5’10

Owen Hart’s technical abilities, pace, and agility made him one of the excellent performers in WWE. A 2d era movie star, Owen Hart is a member of the famous Hart own family whose individuals include the British Bulldog, Bret Hart, Natalya, and plenty of others.

Hart’s potential to reduce promos and long-running feuds with Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold fast led him to an upward push via the ranks.

Despite his marvelous run, Owen Hart never had the danger to end up an international champion. Still, Owen Hart’s career in WWE has been quite astonishing.

A four-time Tag Team Champion, 1-time Intercontinental Champion, 1-time European Champion, and King of the Ring winner, Owen Hart’s illustrious wrestling career is affected by endless titles and man or woman accolades.

3. Tyson Kidd: 5’10

Kidd’s superior athleticism and dazzling mat work earned him a cult following frequently consisting of purist enthusiasts. However, all this did not matter as he could not attract enough fanatics.

This intended that Tyson Kidd had to watch on the sidelines as WWE’s innovation gave other wrestlers a danger to take their careers to new degrees.

Despite being caught in the mid-card table, a surprising string of accidents could sideline Kidd for a large portion of his wrestling profession.

A member of the notorious Hart Dudgeon, Tyson Kidd started his professional profession with Stampede Wrestling at the age of 15. Kidd’s career with Stampede Wrestling might last extra than a decade.

During this era, Kidd would wrestle in different promotions including NJPW.

2. Chavo Guerrero: 5’9

Part of the duo, Los Guerreros, Chavo Guerrero’s tenure with WWE became quite outstanding. Although he did not excel as a singles wrestler early in his profession, Chavo Guerrero might sooner or later discover comfort inside the tag group division.

With Los Guerreros, Chavo could cross on to win the Tag Team Championship twice. A 3rd era wrestler, is a 6-time Cruiserweight Champion, 5-time WWE Tag Team Champion, and 1-time ECW World Champion.

After making his expert wrestling debut in Mexico, Chavo was stuck within the decreased ranks. In 1996, he could excursion NJPW inside the lower playing cards and competed in the Best of Super Junior match.

Later in his wrestling profession, Chavo would discover a domestic in WWE’s cruiserweight division where he might defeat Rey Mysterio to win his first cruiserweight name.

1. Tajiri: 5-9

During his WWE debut in 2001, Tajiri became recognized for his excellent in-ring capability and ring paintings.

Tajiri, a 3-time cruiserweight champion, became willing to go the extra mile to win matches, even when he used an unlawful tactic called the Asian Mist, which worried spitting red or green mist into an opponent’s eyes.

Different colorings of Asian Mist have unique results on warring parties. While the blue mist sends the opponent to sleep, the green mist that Tajiri likes to apply temporarily blinds the opponent.

There became also a yellow mist that paralyzed the opponent but it was more often than not utilized in Japan.

While Tajiri isn’t afraid of cheating, there were times when he confronted opponents who no longer cheated him but cheated him. While purchasing, he noticed Houshi.


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