Top Brands to Buy Organic CBD Dog Treats From


Have you ever consumed CBD?

If yes, you must know how effective it is against treating specific problems. Whether it is nausea, body pain, insomnia, depression, or paranoia, a CBD flower can fix anything. But why limit it just to yourselves? If you’ve experienced its benefits, why not share it with your pet also?

You might wonder if CBD oil is harmful to animals, but that is not the case at all. It is Delta 8 THC which is harmful if given to animals above the prescribed limit. CBD is safe until you buy from a reputed manufacturer and give it to your pet in the right amount.

Today, several brands are selling this compound in the form of oils and treats. But buy from them only if they conduct third-party testing and use safe ingredients. You must be careful before giving your pet anything as it affects them much more severely than it affects humans.

If you have travelled recently, suffered loss, or natural calamity, there must be a distinct change in the behaviour of your friend. It must be hard to notice, but they might be suffering from anxiety, insomnia, or appetite issues. If that is the case, you can give them health-boosting CBD treats!

Here are the 3 brands offering the best CBD products:

Verma Farms

If you want to give your pet THC-free, USA-grown hemp, you can get one from Verma Farms. It sells bacon and salmon-flavoured snacks powered with a healthy punch that they will surely love. Their snacks are good for dogs of all sizes and ages – whether a puppy, adult or old – whether a Pug, Pomeranian or Boxer. 

One thing to note is that their products are safe and act quickly, considering their CBD tincture. You can buy them in packets with a potency of 5mg for every treat or in containers with 150mg for every treat.

Leaf Remedys

A separate third-party conducts testing of all the products sold by Leaf Remedys, so you can rely on their quality. Their products are equipped with hemp grown in Colorado. If your pet likes peanut butter, they are surely going to fall in love with Leaf Remedys.

It is crucial to remember that all the ingredients used by the company work towards relieving pain and discomfort in your pet. As they contain 10mg of CBD, MSM, and Chrondroitin, they can also treat inflammation.

R+R Medicinals

The pet treats sold by this brand are widely popular in the international market. They are made of premium quality ingredients such as chicken liver, flaxseed, carrot, and organic CBD, which your dog will absolutely love. All the items used by the brand make sure that your pet remains healthy both physically and mentally.

The brand uses full-spectrum CBD removal, and the source of its hemp is in Colorado, USA.

If you’re buying a CBD treat for your dog, also consider its cost. Although you eagerly want to purchase the excellent quality, you don’t want to put holes in your pocket.

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