Top Fall Clothing Brands in Pakistan


Finally, the change in the weather is taking place! No more sweaty patches and bad odor! But the tedious task of taking out winter clothes and replacing them with summer outfits is a whole another task in itself every year. 


Meanwhile, when organizing your clothes, you may come across the fact that some of you might need some new fall outfits for this year. Well, this article is going to help you get the trendiest of winter clothes from the top fall clothing brands that are available in Pakistan. From eastern winter clothing to western styles, we have jotted down the most influential brands of the year. 

The brand war

In today’s modern world, everyone aspires to look good and inspire others in return by wearing top-notch dresses and branded apparel. To achieve this, it means, picking up high quality and high-fashion trendy fall outfits. Now there are plenty of brands and stores out there where you can find the latest fall outfits in an affordable price range, equivalent in quality to that of international brands.

Now many local brands are quite famous for their quality and latest designs which include:

  • Breakout, 
  • Outfitters,
  • Engine,
  • One Apparel,
  • LAMA Retail,
  • Leisure Club,
  • BTW

All these brands provide locally manufactured clothes that are of premium quality and best suited for the Pakistani climate. The most important thing while choosing a brand is the kind of dressing that they feature in their collection or the genre that they represent usually. Now western-style clothing can be found at brands like Breakout, Outfitters, Engine, etc, out of which we can vouch for this that Breakout has got the latest and trendiest of fall collection this year. All of these brands have the latest styles of summer and winter clothing for men, women and kids. 

Breakout-More than clothes

As the name suggests, and so does its collection resonate with its meaning every time; Breakout- an outbreak, and extremely popular. This brand is very much popular with youngsters and kids. This year’s fall collection features jackets, zippers, Cape shawls, hoodies, sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts, shirts, jeans, trousers, pajamas, pants, shoes and a lot more for men, women and kids. So if you’re looking for the best fall jackets, you must visit their nearest store as they have the latest designs including, denim jackets, puffer jackets, leather jackets and many more. 


Other than fashionable and high street clothing options, Breakout also features accessories such as socks, caps, bags, watches, sunglasses, shoes, wallets, belts, gloves, scarves etc. Although other brands are doing exceptionally well too, in fact, Outfitters always manages to give a cut-throat competition to Breakout with its similar category of articles. However, Breakout manages to steal the thunder with its affordable prices. 

Winter clothes for the little ones


There is a separate list of stores and brands for little ones altogether. However, some of the aforementioned stores such as Khaadi, Sapphire, Outfitters, Kayseria, Breakout do offer clothes for kids. But for newborns, and toddlers, you can find kids hoodies, rompers, warmers, wrapping sheets, blankets, and a lot more from stores such as Zubaidas, Babies world, Bacha party, Minnieminors, Pepperland, Hopscotch, etc. 

Breakout has got plenty of winter clothing for girls and boys that include trousers, warm pajamas, shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans, frocks, dresses and a lot more. You can also enhance your child’s winter wardrobe with the matching accessories that their stores have got such as shoes, bags, jewellery for girls, hair accessories, glasses, watches, socks and caps etc. 


Now coming to another hot seller clothing brand of Pakistan that everyone loves i.e. “Outfitters”. If you are looking for the latest fall fashion outfits, which are not only good to look at but are also price worthy and great in quality, this is your go-to store. Talking about Outfitters, at their stores, you would be able to find all sorts of winter articles for women, men and kids, and they also provide the facility of online shopping. Other than clothing articles, Outfitters too offers a variety of accessories for men, women and kids, that includes, bags, wallets, shoes, glasses, perfumes, socks, caps, hats etc. It has become the hub of “shop for all” over a couple of years. 


For instance, if you want to purchase the trendiest of sweaters for girls, coats, blazers, and jackets, you must check out their store as they always have plenty of trendy leather jackets, puffer jackets and denim jackets, zippers, sweaters and coats for men and women. 


Now there is that lot that prefers to stick to their budget while buying new and fashionable clothes. Engine is that one emerging brand that has quite an economical price range for fall outfits. This brand is quite famous amongst all youngsters and college-going students that they can easily afford a couple of shirts or pants from their own pocket money from Engine.  


You can easily find the trendiest of leather jackets, denim jackets, puffer jackets, fleece jackets, zippers, hoodies, sweaters and many sweatshirts in various designs and prints for men and women. And if you have kids, shopping will become super easy and affordable for you. 

At Engine, you can find plenty of nice and sleek collections of jeans and pants for men and women, along with the latest designs of shirts and tops for girls. This brand is quite promising and doing its best to meet the sales goals that of Breakout and Outfitters by also launching their accessories line for men, women and kids. 

One Apparel


Another emerging clothing brand by the name of “ONE” is causing quite a stir in the general public due to its latest cutting-edge designs and premium quality of the clothes. 

This year, their winter collection has been launched under the campaign “winter wanderlust” which has really left the customers mesmerized with its collection of fall clothes for women and men. Currently, the collection is quite phenomenal and is being adored by everyone due to its timeless and affordable designs. You can also find the warmest, and softest colour-blocked hoodies and sweaters for men, solid dyed hoodies and sweatshirts, camouflage jogger pants and trousers, and straight cut pants. 

Whereas the women’s collection has various sized jackets and uppers including oversized hoodies, shrugs, short uppers, drop-down shoulder sweaters, tie-&-dye hoodies, graphic printed hoodies and many other up to date designs and prints. So if you want to buy a girls’ long upper or a short sized sweatshirt, this is your go-to place. Although the designs are quite regular, and not too flashy in our view, the price is quite high in retrospect. 


The first-ever unisex clothing collection is being featured by BTW in their winter capsule this year which is quite a unique idea on its own considering the Pakistani brand culture. This winter drop has been named “Sync” and features some cool and trendy fall outfits for men and women in similar designs and cuts.  This collection is matchless and unconventional to the rest of the brands out there, with sweatshirts, sweaters for girls and boys, jackets for both, t-shirts, and cardigans in the same designs and colours.


Now people who want to be a part of the “couple goals” this winter can buy from this collection, or best friends or cousins can set the winter-dressing goals for everyone. 

LAMA retail

If you have the taste for minimal dressing, Lama retail is your stop-shop. For all those girls who want to wear classy and fashionable fall clothes for women and rock that winter looks, their linen classic is your main thing! As we all have a fair enough idea of the linen fabric, the flowy texture and warm feel have been kept in mind while designing this winter capsule for the ladies. 


This winter collection at Lama retail is perfect for working women as it has minimal yet classy cuts including paper bag trousers, linen striped shirts, cotton safari shirts, kimono sleeves shirts, and straight yet pleated linen trousers in all the amazing pastel shades. This collection also features clothing options for men, including linen short sleeve shirts, straight linen pants and trousers and plain linen shirts as well. Men can wear these trendy outfits for their casual dressing options. 

This collection is quite great in terms of comfortable clothing, and easy to wear dresses. However, other brands such as Breakout is offering more warm and cozy winter clothing options. So we can say that this collection is not for the entire winter season, but perhaps the transitioning weather. 


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