Top Ten interesting facts related to Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization indeed has the most conversion rate when it comes to digital marketing, but did you know what is the closing rate of Ads related traffic? 

We will be exploring just that and the other nine interesting facts about SEO.

The importance of SEO and organic traffic can be conveyed using these top ten facts about SEO.

1. Organic Traffic Accounts for more than Half of your website’s traffic

On Average, the organic searches drive more than half of the traffic of all your website. That is more than the paid and traffic from social media. Paid traffic is only ten percent while social media drives about 5% to 6% of the traffic.

If you have an eCommerce or a service business on the internet, users will, find your competitors and do business with them. Even if you offer a better product and service, it won’t matter because, from a user’s perspective, you don’t exist. Unless get proper Product Optimization or Search Engine optimization services.

2. Users click more on Organic Search engine results than paid results

Search engine users prefer to click on the organic search engine results in more in comparison to the paid and boosted results that appear on the top of every search page. According to a study, users clicked about seventy to eighty percent on organic results, ignoring the paid ones. 

3. How many people use search engines?

When people go to the internet to search for any solutions to their issues, research shows that ninety-three percent of online experiences begin with search engines like google or Bing. Almost ninety percent of the time, a searcher doesn’t know what they want and a search engine helps them find the solutions through that search query.

4. Which search engine is the most popular?

According to the statistics, Google without a doubt is the most popular search engine on the internet right now. More than  70 percent of the industry is dominated by Google. That’s the only reason why many Search Engine optimization companies rely on Google’s and Yahoo’s search guidelines.

5. How many people use Google for search?

More than one billion searches are made on just Google, ranking from seven hundred million through desktop from chrome, and around four hundred million searches are made via mobile. 

7. What kind of close rate can companies expect with SEO?

According to Webfx, a closing rate of 14.7 percent via SEO and 3% to 4% on Google Ads.

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8. What percentage of searches happen by voice?

According to the report, almost more than half the searches were voice searches. That’s why companies should start focusing on a voice strategy.

9. What percentage of searches have a local intent?

Because more than half the internet is searching via their mobile phones, the search is more optimized for local search results. 

10. Do local searches result in purchases?

Almost 30% of local searches are converted to business, for websites that they land on. 

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